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The Pump and Truncheon Bamber Bridge !

Was a good night! Steve and Glen were very helpful couldn't do enough
Great pub nice mixed crowd. the couple have only been in the place a matter of weeks
and already building it into a live music venue! Load in pretty good from street up side of pub
through side door not far to a raised area where you setup. In my estimation would suite
3/4 piece bands comfortably 5 at a squeeze depends on size of gear etc !
we played straight through and maintained a fairly full pub there are quite a few areas
not visible to band but when we came of was good to see there was a lot more people than I
first thought. over all great venue with very nice helpful staff.

We will look forward to playing there again next year!

Thanks to steve and Glen for having us and all the nice people and their kind words
thanks you for coming down and staying much appreciated.xx


# Posted by Pump & Truncheon - 05/10/2015, 12:58 (GMT)

Thanks Mike, meeting with area m' went well so looking good for next year although budgets will still be tight.

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