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Posted By : 5th Element | Comments : 6

5th Element's newest music video!

Featuring the fantastic team and the awesome crowd of the No Bull: Just Beer and Bikes Rally (August 2014), the most excellent cinematic skills of the very talented Samuel Andrew Fenton, the audio magnificence of top sound supremo Neil Treppas from Redbridge Recording Studios in Bolton, oh, and us lot as well (and a last hurrah for our Richard!), we think it looks and sounds mint - hope you guys enjoy it too! \m/


Rock on!

Ann, Neil, Phil, Alan and Dave xx



# Posted by Steaming Richard (bass) - 23/08/2015, 19:10 (GMT)

Great gig and great memories ! cheers guys (and gal)

# Posted by 5th Element - 23/08/2015, 20:52 (GMT)

We love you, Richard! :-D Big hugs :-) Ann Xxx

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 24/08/2015, 00:31 (GMT)

that's the way to do it. class act.

# Posted by The Clan - 24/08/2015, 11:08 (GMT)

Nice vid.

# Posted by The others - 24/08/2015, 13:01 (GMT)

Great vid

# Posted by 5th Element - 25/08/2015, 19:45 (GMT)

Thanks, guys, much appreciated :-) Ann x

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