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Guitar tutor wanted

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Posted By : Face It! | Comments : 8

North Manchester area

Hi all,

I'm looking for a guitar tutor in the North Manchester area. Rochdale would be ideal, but willing to drive about 20-30 mins if it's worth it!

I'm hoping to find someone who would be willing to teach both myself and my Dad. We're at a similar level of proficiency so think it would probably work OK. Other than that, and perhaps most importantly, I'd like someone whose main styles are more geared towards fingerstyle/country picking/acoustic blues. Interested in both acoustic and electric but mainly acoustic. If anyone knows someone who fits this description, I'd be very eager to get in touch with them.

Thanks in advance,



# Posted by KING MONDAY - 17/06/2015, 23:00 (GMT)

im a tutor i do all styles but might be a bit far i have a recording studio in newton le willows where i work from give me a call if your interested 07873 922874 www.facebook.com/.../932592680114094?sk=info&tab=overview

# Posted by 45s - 18/06/2015, 00:27 (GMT)

Try Robert Redfern - he's on here

# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 18/06/2015, 09:40 (GMT)

I'm the guitar teacher at rimmers music in Bolton I have a couple of free slots on a Sat morning 35 years playing experience and 30years teaching experience , I have performed across Europe and the United states full dbs checked. You can text me on 07719489141

# Posted by 45s - 18/06/2015, 09:52 (GMT)

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Oh yeah and Daz - smashing bloke ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

# Posted by paulandsandra marauder + white... - 18/06/2015, 14:23 (GMT)

I am a guitar tutor as well but my vote goes to daz, the guy is an unbelievable guitar player and a great guy to boot. You could do A LOT worse than go with daz. One of, if not the most respected player in the north west!


# Posted by G-IT-22 - 18/06/2015, 15:10 (GMT)

Hi Jack ...I'm up Rochdale teaching on most Tues nites ..so pending on time probably can sort an hour lesson and see where you wanna go Wetherby it's just fingerstyle variants or thru to the country boy solo / chord stuff ..cheers Ian

# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 19/06/2015, 07:55 (GMT)

That's very kind words Paul especially from your good self. , I think the reality us any of the guys who if posted up to now would be a great choice , depending on where you want to travel and availibility , of course . Good luck in your playing.

# Posted by Face It! - 19/06/2015, 22:41 (GMT)

Sorry for the late reply - I used to get an email when the blogs got a reply...this doesn't seem to be the case any more. I'll have a proper look at the replies and get back to you. Cheers


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