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Am I Missing Something???

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Posted By : Complete Control | Comments : 17

Crushing machine and halter neck dresses

Is this not North West Bands?? For bands then eh? I really don't get the recent posts on here for the above items. Anybody else listening out there and agree?


# Posted by Shep - 14/05/2015, 18:21 (GMT)

they're on every day - wish Mr NWB would bin the profiles.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 14/05/2015, 18:35 (GMT)

I put a sarcastic blog up on here about these post that are appearing on here, fucking joke.

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 14/05/2015, 18:37 (GMT)

They'll be flogging Cars on here next !

# Posted by Off The Rails - 14/05/2015, 19:15 (GMT)

Do you want to buy a Robin reliant Gaz ?

# Posted by Black Thursday - 14/05/2015, 19:38 (GMT)

Yeah, what about the occasional music related blogs that intersperse Raymond Mill sand maker blogs, what are they all about !!

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 14/05/2015, 19:45 (GMT)

Im with you Black Thursday, How dare they interupt sand making blogs with music blogs...Its a bloody outrage !

# Posted by StoneCutter - 14/05/2015, 19:50 (GMT)

I couldn't do a gig without my concrete shoes and Halter neck dress don't knock it till you've tried it lmao :)

# Posted by Black Thursday - 14/05/2015, 20:44 (GMT)

@ stonecutter......very much a name of the moment....I had to look twice thinking that this was another sand making rock crushing addition...no disrespect, but made me smile.

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 14/05/2015, 21:02 (GMT)

It's been getting steadily worse for months, Vinny. Just hope it peaks soon and that the spammers lose interest with the lack of response.

# Posted by spam95 - 14/05/2015, 22:27 (GMT)

But sand is a constituent of Rock, and you have to Roll Rocks to get it. ( geddit?). I'll get my coat!

# Posted by Bobo - 14/05/2015, 22:34 (GMT)

Fortunately we are all now ignoring these things. Most have given up but I see there are 2 or 3 persistent buggers which hopefully will give up soon.
I can't for the life of me work out why they think a music (!) forum would be a source of sales for the items they (longwindedly and often incomprehensively) try to foist upon us! At least the foreign languagers seem to have given up.

# Posted by thudder - 15/05/2015, 09:52 (GMT)

The makers' name is Reliant, as in Scimitar etc, the model name is The Robin etc.

# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 15/05/2015, 11:17 (GMT)

They are automated spam. It's not someone sitting there doing it manually. It depends how they are set up as to whether they'll stop or not.


We could do with a sticky right at the top of the blog list advising everyone NOT to respond within the blogs created.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 15/05/2015, 11:30 (GMT)

Kinnel, ain't we supposed to be ignoring these spammers, I've been away all week but everytime i manage to get on here, someone is commenting on fkn Raymond bollox. Is it really that boring on nwb ffs. ??
Where's me fkn pint.

Tel Aviv.

# Posted by Steve - 15/05/2015, 12:51 (GMT)

Oh well, at least they might inspire new band names.......'Stone Crusher and the Halter Necks'?

# Posted by Complete Control - 15/05/2015, 18:08 (GMT)

Well it's generated a bit of discussion and to be honest and although I'm a regular visitor I hadn't realised how frequent the posts are. Some of the comments have made me smile tho lol. Cast your mind back even Kurt Cobain wore a dress on stage on occasions! Rock n Roll eh! Enjoy your weekend gigs folks.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 19/05/2015, 17:52 (GMT)

And still more today. Is some doing it for a joke d'you think?

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