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Bass guitars for sale

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Posted By : steviestardust | Comments : 3

2 of...

Mid 90s Fender Squier Bass


Can Deliver local to Manchester for asking price or negotiable further.

Love, love, love this bass but new purchase forces sale.
Mid 90s Fender Squier Bass for sale. Real workhorse, few dinks and running repairs on machine heads (Pics shown). Never let me down, lovely weight and very sturdy.


5 string Active Bass


Can Deliver local to Manchester for asking price or negotiable further.

5 string Active Bass for sale. Slight tarnish on the finish of the bridge and pickups and a tiny dropout on one of the tonepots, have sprayed with switch cleaner which may do the trick. Other than that it's fine, chunky neck and 24 frets.


# Posted by G-IT-22 - 23/04/2015, 22:02 (GMT)

Hey Steve ..can you bring the Vintage down to wangies on sunday bout 8:30 ......and if I like it we can ....haggle :-)

# Posted by steviestardust - 23/04/2015, 22:37 (GMT)

Ok Ian, you're gonna be there anyway so if I turn up then we can chat. Not sure what my mrs has planned for me Sunday yet!

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 23/04/2015, 22:45 (GMT)

Steve ...im sure if theres cash involved ....the 'Mrs plans' will be lenient .....!!!

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