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A big thankyou to those who have rallied round.

I'll get to the point. Our drummers very ill. The outlook is bright, but he has a long recovery ahead. in the last few weeks, weve been overwelmed by the support not just from friends, but from other bands. no less than three drummers are helping us out.theyre all busy. all in other bands, but theyre there for us. means a lot.two other drummers have also offered their services til our mate and drummer feels well enough to return. We all appreciate your help and support guys. The dunkirk spirit lives on!


# Posted by THE ROB MARTIN BAND - 21/04/2015, 19:02 (GMT)

Pleased to hear of the great support you had mate thats tremendous !
We had a similar thing last year Drummer seriously unwell . It's very unpleasant and
You worry for your mate and his family too . Hope he's on the mend and his folks are okay !
Great that there are good people around . Sometimes makes us think again.
Best of luck to everyone

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 21/04/2015, 19:26 (GMT)

Can't beat a bit of the old Dunkirk spirit. Good stuff.

# Posted by STRANGEWAYS - THE BEST OF CLAS... - 21/04/2015, 20:07 (GMT)

Thanks lads. It makes you think definately. Him getting well is what matters. but its tough to just carry on gigging as normal. but thats what he wants us to do. the deps are offering to help when possible til hes able to come back. puts all the petty stuff that sometimes happens on here into perspective.

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 21/04/2015, 21:19 (GMT)

All the best Baz. Hoping Tom makes a speedy and full recovery.

# Posted by STRANGEWAYS - THE BEST OF CLAS... - 21/04/2015, 21:41 (GMT)

Cheers pal.

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