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New songs songwriting again

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Posted By : Andy Mack | Comments : 2

Back at it have a listen!

When I first came on NWB back in the olden days I was 100% original tunes as ANDY MACK - but the side project with a couple of eeejits was The Fabulous Eggs - we some how someway got drunk and woke up with a fairly decent publishing deal (Chrysalis) I even got a guitar endorsement (schecter) but it all collapsed in mainly strong lager and shots - no regrets

Not written any songs for YEARS - still doing the solo acoustic stuff everywhere 3/4 gigs a week Tis good - any hooooo

Couple of songs on you tube and lots on soundcloud - Pretty Dirty Dancer Foolish Pride on soundcloud from the NWB olden days and the song Dirty Little Secret was top of the NWB playlist when you could upload tunes on the old site -

Anyway rambling have a listen www.soundcloud.com/thefabulouseggs and some newer YouTube stuff below- follow on Twitter too I will follow back @thefabulouseggs @andymackguitar


# Posted by Andy Mack - 08/04/2015, 08:01 (GMT)



# Posted by Andy Mack - 08/04/2015, 08:02 (GMT)

Lazy Manana MONDAY


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