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'CRUSH' Last Night..

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Posted By : Andy the Animal (RailerMania) | Comments : 1

Darwens Darlings!

We travelled over to The Old Function Room in Darwen last night to watch the first set of 'Crush' and were very entertained from start to finish - well half time anyway!
Crush played a great variety of rocky songs and nailed 'em all, solid foundation of kit and bass from Pete n' Keith, then some great guitar work and fab sounds from Stuart on geetah, then Dave provided a superb vocal.
They went down a bomb! The large friendly crowd lapped them up, we loved the whole set! Thin Lizzy, U2, Joe Jackson, William Idol + many more!
Thanks' Pette, Dave, Stuart & Keith, Top Geezers, Top band!
Catch 'em soon or miss 'em at your peril.

Luv on Ya! The Animal.


# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 08/03/2015, 19:07 (GMT)

Wish Id have known you were going Andy, Id have come wi'thi !

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