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Having a clearout seems to be popular at the moment. I could do with making a bit of room so here goes....

Pair of Hartke bass cabs VX410 and VX115.
Great sound - I've used them with Peavey and Ashdown heads - easy to carry as they are about half the weight of Peavey cabs. The 4x10 had two speakers replaced before I got them and the 15" has a cracked handle but it's light enough to not affect carrying it. Both cabs are 8ohm 300W.
£120 each or £200 the pair.

Peavey Mk6 bass head.
Was my backup amp but I've got another one now so this isn't getting used.
250W into 4ohm, 400W into 2ohm. Built in chorus and compressor. Can be run in bi-amp mode so it splits the frequencies between two cabs.

ART X-11 midi pedal.
sends program change messages on any MIDI channel. will work with almost any power supply as long as it has got a standard guitar pedal power plug on it. no use to me any more as I have nothing to plug it into.

Hofner President acoustic guitar.
1960 model (confirmed with the serial number) first year they had truss rods. not bad condition just a few dings on the body and the headstock has faded a bit as it was apparently sat on a stand in an old ladys house for 20 years since her husband died. she polished it regularly hence the Hofner decal has almost worn off the body. All original hardware and all binding seems intact. I think it used to have a pickguard as the screw holes seem to have been professionally filled in. Sounds great but could do with new strings. I'm too heavy handed to play it much so it would be better with someone who will appreciate it or just keep it as an investment.
£500 ono.

I would prefer any buyers to collect but I may be able to organise delivery if you are not too far from Warrington.

Thanks for looking


# Posted by Stephen - 05/03/2015, 23:48 (GMT)


Where a bouts in Warrington are you based. I work in Sale but one of the guys i work with lives in Warrington and i will ask him if he could pick up the Behringer from you.



# Posted by James - Metalleeka + AC/DCe - 06/03/2015, 09:27 (GMT)

kudos for putting them all your ads in one post..

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