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Peavey 5150 EVH Block letter, with Peavey 2x12 cab

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Posted By : Barry Garlow and The Good For Nothin's | Comments : 0

Make an offer?

Tentatively looking at selling my beloved Peavey 5150 and cab.

It is the original Peavey 5150 amplifier endorsed by Eddie Van Halen. It is an absolute monster of an amplifier, for anyone unfamiliar it isn't the kind of amp you want if you afailed ng indie music, but if you are playing hard rock or metal then amps don't get much better than this.

Has the usual scuffs and scrapes that can be expected of gear of this age. Notably on the cab, and the head has a knob missing which I would make sure is replaced before I move it on. It has been with me all over the UK and Europe and never let me down.

Please note that I know what the amp is worth and what I paid for it so don't waste my time or yours by offering £100. Haha. Unless I get a good price it will stay with me.

The only reason I am thinking of selling is so that it can get more use, feels a bit of a waste only getting unleashed every few weeks.

Any questions just ask and pics can be supplied if requested.


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