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Reduced again Les Paul!

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Tanglewood LP with great upgrades and case for sale.

Still available for reduced price
A Beautiful Tanglewood tsb 58 honey burst Les Paul.
These guitars are usually over £450 brand new ( you can check on the Tanglewood website) but I've also added some upgrades
Like 2 Suhr Aldrich humbuckers, if you know anything about guitars then you'll know about Suhr guitars and pickups( they ain't cheap! )
These pickups cost me £80 each and I also got Sperzal locking tuners fitted and Graph tech nut for tuning stability and they are both bang on the guitar keeps in tune extremely well . Again Sperzal tuners are the best locking tuners going and aren't cheap either
Also strap locks are fitted so the no accidents on stage.
So basically this guitar with the upgrades is prob worth over £600 And there are no marks or chips etc it's in mint condition and it comes with great quality case that cost me £50
I've reduced this again from £350 to £300 or most sensible offer.No trades please cash on collection and of course to you can try before you buy, you won't be disappointed these Suhr pickups are amazing and you get such a big sound from them and the neck is also really nice and the main reason I bought this guitar. I've played Gibsons and Epi's in the past but this guitar trumps them for me for playability and comfort.
Im only selling because I'm going down the Super strat route and sticking with my Kramer and Fender.
In Manchester
message me if interested
Also I can send you photos if you send me an email address

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