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Les Paul for Christmas!

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Posted By : Aces N Eights | Comments : 1

Tanglewood LP with great upgrades and case for sale.

For sale
My Tanglewood tab 58 Les Paul.These guitars are over £400 new.
This in my opinion plays as well as if not better than some Gibsons I've played, in fact when i bought this I tried a couple of Gibsons and epiphones in the shop before I decided on this, the neck alone sold it to me.
It has had some upgrades
Suhr (Doug Aldrich ) pickups £80 each
Sperzal locking tuners
Graph tech nut
It's in beautiful condition, no varnish chips etc, and the sound it produces with the Suhr pickups is so large it sounds amazing through any 4x12 cab.
It also comes with a LP case that cost me £50. So with the upgrades and the plush lined case this guitar on paper is worth £560 to £600 And im willing to sell it for £350 or nearest sensible offer.
Of course try before you buy, I wouldn't have it any other way . This is a beautiful sounding and easy to play guitar the only reason I'm selling is I'm finding im going down the super strat/floyd rose highway these days.
P.s let us know if you want pics emailing
It's a honeyburst


# Posted by Sticky Fingers - 06/12/2014, 13:07 (GMT)

Hi, can I have some pics please to..... jamescave1@hotmail.co.uk

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