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Week last Saturday

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Posted By : Steve Slinger | Comments : 19

Best band in the northwest territories

Been too busy fighting off the groupies to post a review. My sincere apologies.
Played the legendary venue the Witton bells week last Saturday.
The venue was so packed I had to stand on the Bass cab.
The crowd cheered us onto the massive stage and didn't stop dancing and singing all night.
The landlord didn't want us to stop but after 13 encores we were simply too tired to continue.
I thank you all.
I really should post more of these.


# Posted by BIG NOISE ACOUSTIC - 19/10/2014, 22:40 (GMT)

Spot on!

# Posted by The Lazzy Band - 19/10/2014, 23:09 (GMT)

..........so there I was.....Me, Keith Moon and Jeff Beck...........And Ozzy wouldn't go onstage until he had his Brown m an m's..... ;)

# Posted by Hush - 20/10/2014, 08:16 (GMT)

Very true. .A very good point and long overdue! The majority don't though. But the ones that do need to have a word with themselves.

# Posted by Fireblademalc - Depping Bass P... - 20/10/2014, 13:00 (GMT)

We generally report back on gigs - good or bad, and are inclined to understate the good ones in the interest of credibility, however this weekend:

We were on at The Plough Consevative Club, Darwood, and boy was the place rammed!!
We had no option but to set-up and play on the top shelf behind the bar, and to get the gear in, the punters had to hold drinks trays on top of their heads to form a walkway from the door.
These came in useful later on to accommodate the hoard of excited fans we subsequently drew in!!
At one point, the local Fire Brigade had to be enlisted to dispense beer via a hose, as the club's beer pumps simply couldn't cope.
We closed the night with 280 encores and were signed by Simon Walsh to a £2.5m record deal, but, I'm not so sure if that was kosher - he had no eyebrows and talked with a limp!!
I'd just like to say thanks to the venue, all the punters, the bar staff, the artists who's material we used, the operatives who pressed the discs.............

# Posted by Stone Mile - 20/10/2014, 13:38 (GMT)

Tell em that these days and they'll never believe you!

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 20/10/2014, 14:05 (GMT)

surprised nobody has mentioned dancing on the tables....

# Posted by Billy Bandsaw - 20/10/2014, 14:20 (GMT)

Sounds like a great gig!
Tell me,why did you forget to mention you were supporting...

Keep smilin'

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 20/10/2014, 16:16 (GMT)

I used to get up half an hour before I went to bed.

# Posted by Hush - 20/10/2014, 18:26 (GMT)

Made me laugh good one!

# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 20/10/2014, 18:31 (GMT)

@Roj - Was that before or after you'd lick't road clean wi tung?

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 20/10/2014, 20:04 (GMT)

Don't forget to thank everyone who haven't heard of this site ;)

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 20/10/2014, 20:14 (GMT)

PS. I used to be guilty of that ^^ until I realised NWB wasn't/isn't even used by x% of musos let alone 'fans'! No probs with thanking folk on FB though...

# Posted by The Lazzy Band - 20/10/2014, 20:28 (GMT)

Cardboard box?

# Posted by T CLOTH - 21/10/2014, 11:48 (GMT)

You were lucky..........

# Posted by Billy Bandsaw - 21/10/2014, 12:05 (GMT)

So much originality and off the wall humour on here eh?

Keep smilin'

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 21/10/2014, 14:26 (GMT)


# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 21/10/2014, 15:27 (GMT)

Damp? We used to live in a lake!

# Posted by The Lazzy Band - 21/10/2014, 17:00 (GMT)

..............NO NO!!! NOT THE COMFY CHAIR!!!!!!!

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 22/10/2014, 15:46 (GMT)

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