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Pinked Floyd @ Whittles Saturday night - 20th Sept

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Posted By : Trinity | Comments : 5

Quick review!

We had a free night this Saturday night, well most of September actually as our drummer G man requires some down time, so off we popped to see Ian and Phil from Rocking Horse in their new part time venture Pinked Floyd.

All I can say is that they were fantastic, note perfect in fact, not a flaw to be heard
Great stand up vocalist / front man
excellent vocals from the lady next to him! stole the show on Great Gig in the Sky!!!
flawless drummer - never dropped a beat, no speed issues - played everything perfectly - a rare thing in drummers these days!

Nailed to spot bass playing by the big man himself!

Fantastic keyboards and sound scapes.

Rhythm guitarist / Sax player - very experienced and again a great player, no jostling for volume and limelight here, played what was required nice and tasteful, and a great sax player as well!

But the star of the night in my humble opinion was Ians brother Phil!
I knew he was a great player but wow! everything he played was just brilliant, all the right sounds and phrasing delivered with utmost precision and feel, Mr Gilmor would of been proud of him!
only dropped a couple of notes when one of his foot pedals would not do what it should do? but that is the nature of foot pedals? and nobody noticed bedcause he just carried on and sorted it out!

They all played well together, nice and tight, and delivered two fantastic sets!
where we were stood we could see the band from the back facing out to the audience, and it was great to see the crowd appreciate every single note from start to finish, everybody likes a bit of Floyd
and when its delivered this well and to such a high standard - its a joy to be a part of!

Sound by Mr Gary from Rocking Horse again, was excellent as I knew it would be, and lighting effects were excellent as well, but I never got his name (shame about the smoke detector Ha!

If you have never seen these guys, please do yourself a favour and catch them at their next gig, I am telling you you will not be dissappointed!! (unless you hate Pink Floyd?) and if thats the case theres no hope for you anyway!!



# Posted by nelly - 22/09/2014, 14:35 (GMT)

So what your saying is all other drummers are shit!!!!!!!

# Posted by nelly - 22/09/2014, 14:35 (GMT)

So what your saying is all other drummers are shit!!!!!!!

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 22/09/2014, 16:22 (GMT)

No hope for me then, John - I can't stand Pink Floyd and nothing is ever going to change that, however some of my friends went to see Pinked Floyd at The Talbot a few weeks ago and are still raving about how good they were. It might not be to my taste but nothing that Ian and Phil etc did was ever going to be rubbish; they're excellent musicians.

# Posted by PINK FLOYDIAN - 22/09/2014, 17:37 (GMT)

Thanks John thets very nice of you, even if you do like Rush lol ;-) You're a very nice man a very nice man indeed.

# Posted by Trinity - 23/09/2014, 21:13 (GMT)

Not to worry Dawn, I know some people are not fans! - It would be a very dull world indeed if we were all the same!

@ Nelly - No not at all - just trying to get over the fact that he was so good?

@ Pinked Floyd - pleasure - credit where credit is due my friend! - can't help the Rush thing mate! its a curse Lol!


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