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"right fuck it....." - Competition

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Posted By : ben murray | Comments : 57

as Ghandi once said

I'm gonna be the change I want to see in this world.


Get this blog to the top of the Community Hot Spots thing (lets say before 4pm Friday 19th September) and then at an unspecified time over THIS WEEKEND I will close the entries and randomly selected a number which will correspond to a comment and to that person I will send a guitar based care package.

There's a guitar fair on over the weekend and I'll grab some bits for someone. Wont be much as I'm skint as fuck but something needs to change this shit storm nature on here. I have a Behringer Overdrive pedal that will definitely go in though. Great for beginners, young dudes or even regular gigglers. Ive gigged it!!!!

If we manage to get it into Community Gold territory (above 124 comments) I will donate a further few quid to the running of the site.

Comments on the blog must be ABOUT A POSITIVE EXCHANGE YOUVE HAD WITH AN NWB'er.
Whether its over FB, NWB, in person, an audition ANYTHING. Just keep it POSITIVE and try to be NWB related. Preferably not dudes/dudesses in your band though? But if thats all you've got go for it!

Come on NWB don't let me down!

SMALL PRINT - I WILL BE DELETING ANY COMMENTS THAT ARE NOT INLINE WITH MY FUCKING RULES!!!!!!! ;-) This competition is a dictatorship hahaha seriously those it doesn't seem fair that the potential winning comment could be summa silly

***EDIT*** Ive fucked that blog title right up! probably for Libel reasons i should point out Ghandi never said "right fuck it"

Probably ;-)


# Posted by Callout - 17/09/2014, 22:25 (GMT)

Ghandi probably never said "Fuck it" but Ben Kingsley said the F word loads of times in "Sexy Beast", so it's near enough!

Don't know what's gone on but one of my positive experiences of NWB is meeting and doing business with Alyerpal. What a lovely man.


# Posted by ben murray - 17/09/2014, 22:35 (GMT)

Suppose I should bang one on myself. Ive been lucky to have met loads of people off of here over the years. In fact fuck it! I'm gonna namecheck everyone

Dawn Mulgrew. Saw The Fix LOADS arguably one of the biggest supporters of live music on here. introduced me to one pf the most important people ever to wander through my life

Asa Caton - Damn good drummer. Shit wing man. Cant DJ for toffee. But fair chuffed to say he's seen me threw a fucking bad spell in my short but interesting life

Alyerpal - Did a gig with him once 5 minutes after meeting him. Was a fucking blast. shakes his shoulders when he drums

Kingpin Keith - Total gear head and probably one of the nicest people I've ever met

Mr NWB - Fairly quiet unassuming kinda dude but funny and can play a les paul

Willow - used to make me absolutely piss my self in the old NWB days

Mark L - this guy has given me so much knowledge and confidence its untrue. I'll never forget that pal. Thanks

Lynn Bakehouse studios - anyone that can guide the shit storm that was The Black Watch through a recording session deserves a medal

Guy - Sorry i forgot your last name!!! Legend. Cool as fuck and has some fuckin dirty cool baselines

Aiden - Supports a shit football team! sound as a pound tho!


45's Rick - Probably one off the most vivid moments of my life. Rick absolutely pissed as a fart travelling horizontally across a bolton car park conspiring as to how he was gonna wind NWB up about us!

I know I've met more and I'm sorry if I've forgot ay's but seems daft to carry on.....

# Posted by Off The Rails - 17/09/2014, 22:36 (GMT)

Howard sound and light production help me, meet up with him in his studio and one of the guitarist to try and resolve a sound issue very helpful man. He give me couple of hours of his time for free which was very appreciated.

Also Lee from the Kasuals as given me a lot of help with my desk.

Carole (mother goose)

# Posted by Basie - 17/09/2014, 22:43 (GMT)

Typical homosexual rant,
We still love you though ben,
From all the guys in the purple pulser club,
Hope to see you again soon xxx

# Posted by ben murray - 17/09/2014, 22:54 (GMT)

whoops!!! i should also mention

Chris Becket - Possibly the most laid back, mild mannered guy ever with a wicked sense of humour. Nobody makes 5 strings sound like he does

Howard S&L - gave me an absolute fucking wealth of information on PA (like seemingly he has with the entire UK) that mans forgotten more than I'll EVER know.

Thank You

# Posted by Basie - 17/09/2014, 22:59 (GMT)

Hahaha your a lazy talented bastard ben grrr gets me a little angry,but, always,always enjoyed your sarcasm.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 17/09/2014, 23:21 (GMT)

Made so many good friends on here, cheesy I know but true all the same.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 17/09/2014, 23:22 (GMT)

Plus the five-a-side football which Rick started has been a blast for keeping fit (and injured) which has been going for nearly 2 years I guess.

# Posted by Covered in punk - 17/09/2014, 23:28 (GMT)

Nice post.

I've met Dawn (thatdawnone) really nice, easy to get on with and really supportive of the local music scene. The world needs more Dawns :)

Spam95 (Chris) Again a really nice chap who's again very supportive of local music (more of him please)

And Asa. Asa came to one of our gigs to film us. Again a really nice chap. I've not seen you drum but I hear you're good and as far as I'm concerned you're a proper decent man.

I've met a couple of others at gigs but not caught names properly but from my experience everyone I've met has been an absolute pleasure :)



# Posted by VANKWISH - 17/09/2014, 23:50 (GMT)

Lots of bands to thank for helping me organise charity events.
Met some great people off this site, some i consider great friends


# Posted by ben murray - 18/09/2014, 07:01 (GMT)

Come on guys. Be specific give me an actual story. Doesn't matter how small it is. Just BE SPECIFIC

# Posted by Mark L - 18/09/2014, 07:36 (GMT)

Thanks for the name-check, Ben :-)

I met a guy on here called John Montana. He is a lovely guy and an AMAZING guitarist! I was briefly in a band with him, but left due to my shyness. However, he got some some guys (and a gal) together to play my songs at a music festival in May. Very, very good of him

Some people own guitars, play them, and call themselves musicians. This guy is a TRUE musician, and a true gent

Cheers, John! :-)

# Posted by Asa - 18/09/2014, 08:34 (GMT)

If you want specifics, mine would have to be Neil, Mick, Paul and Don from Bad Horsie. These guys gave me my first ever break as ST Photography. Turned up not really knowing what I was doing or what they expected out of it, but luckily these are 4 of the nicest, most unassuming guys you could ever wish to meet. Had an absolute blast with them and got some decent pics as well.

Closely followed by the weekend in Dublin recently with Black Rose Roj, Scotty, Chris, Patrick, Don and the WAGs. Absolutely hilarious and surreal in equal measure!

Too many others to mention in the years I've been on NWB either through being in bands, going to gigs, socialising, ST Photography, Styal Beer Festival or just being part of the community.

# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 18/09/2014, 09:34 (GMT)

There are some great folks on here, a lot of whom I've met at gigs and jam nights.

Asa, who despite some of his naysayers is a top bloke who is easy going and has a great wit.

Rick, who has a passion for whatever he does and throws his heart into it 100%.

Alyerpal, who is a great drummer and an excellent graphics man with a really friendly disposition. Salt of the earth.

The fifth element guys, who I've watched go from a kind of nervous, unassuming rock band to the showy, tight audience grabbing unit they are now.

Scott from Metalleeka, who went from a shy and unconfident drummer in an indie covers band to the big daft ginger frontman he is without actually acquiring a huge frontman ego.

But the biggest pleasure I have to mention is, again, Neil, Paul and Don from Bad Horsie. 9 years with the same line up and even though I left I consider them to be family. They aren't just band mates.

Finally the lads from Marauder. I've watched this band go from good to, in my opinion, the best covers band on the circuit, and they are all nice unassuming lads who are very, very good at what they do.

# Posted by bassdude (RailerMania) - 18/09/2014, 09:35 (GMT)

Ben Murray.... needs to clean his guitars more often...!

# Posted by Scott - 18/09/2014, 10:30 (GMT)

I remember the time I posted on here that a few of us were going down to the hop pocket in Chorley to see Twin Lizzy. It was probably the start of all the "We are playing here at such n such" blogs that plague this site nowadays. But back then, everyone showed up. God there must have been at least 20NWBers that night. The place was rammed and we all showed up with Cowbells, Kazoos, penny whistles etc.

Anyways, this is now NWB legend, but those who don't know, picture this :

Roj is centre stage and introduces Dancing in the moonlight. But unknown to him, we are all arming each other with said "noise making equipment". But we agreed to let Mick (Bad Horsie) do it first.

So, Dancing in the moonlight starts. Dum de dum de dum doo be doo be doo be, dum de dum de dum doo be do be doo.......then the snare bit ratatatatatat "QUACK" from Mick's duck call.
Roger is broken completely. We are absolutely pissing ourselves.
The rest of Twin Lizzy are smiling but you can tell they are thinking WTF???

So they start the song again...same thing...only when they get to the snare bit....the 7 blazes of hell opens up. Cowbells, horns, whistles, you name it are all belting out.
Roger is broken again.
This is where it goes hazy. I can't remember if they tried to restart the song for a third time or Roger just said "Fuck it" and they went straight into it.

That was one of the best nights ever and I got to meet the likes of Willow, Rick (Also I think I met Rick a couple of weeks earlier at the same venue for a Sabre gig), Dee and Dave, Shell, and many many more people that night.

The Chorley crazy gang was kinda formed that night. Shame it all kinda faded away.

Good times thanks to this site.

# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 18/09/2014, 11:00 (GMT)

Ok, lets see if i can remember everyone-

Wick (45's) - top bloke, fellow drummer and HUGE supporter of live music in the north west! Has been to see us play loads of times!

Alyerpal (Fracas) - has done all our signage since forever! Hugely generous individual who i believe also plays the drums ;D

Mark C (Marauder & Whitefake) - one of the best singers I have ever met. Period. Quite an impressive beard grower too

Roj & Gill (Black Rose)- top people who i dont see nearly often enough, sorry guys! (I still owe Gill a large pint of something for doing our logo!!)

Ali & Gary (Georgia Browns) - The best venue on the circuit(?). Great sounding stage and bonkers clientele = always a great night!!

Asa - met at the drumathon thingy last year, top bloke with LOADS of cameras!!

Deano Drummer - also met at the drumathon thingy last year! How high do his cymbals go?!?!

Nope, forgot loads!! I'm useless...


# Posted by mr.nwb - 18/09/2014, 11:03 (GMT)

Aiden/Ace - Cool dude, who treats his guitar collection like a swingers party

# Posted by mr.nwb - 18/09/2014, 11:08 (GMT)

Ben Murray - Promised to send me an NWBooooster pedal once, but never actually got one :-(

Steve Slinger - Awesome singer, and popped down to see Red Zoo play, and buy me a pint

Rick - Helped me out on some "conservatory" issues, and also gave me a rather cool NWB T-Shirt.

I guess I like anyone, who's given me stuff!

# Posted by Marauder - 18/09/2014, 11:12 (GMT)

First joined this site in 2008 as a means to see what was happening gig wise in the area. Thanks to this place I met loads of top people and forged very close friendships with a lot of them.
The occasions that have stood out for me were as follows:
The NWB jam nights at the Pheasant Pluckers, never laughed as much in my life. The talent and overall top blokishness of the likes of Roj, Scott Bev, Mick, Paul, Don & Neil from Bad Horsie, Willow, Rick 45, Mark Nort and countless others, made it one of the most enjoyable nights ever. We did a version of 'Number of the Beast', everyone had allegedly learnt their parts before the night but the 2 guitarists had assumed the other one was doing the bridge section bit. Cue improvised ''de der da der da der da der da da da'' vocal fill and immediate collapsing of all on stage and audience.
Dee and Dave, Andrea from the Plough, for their wonderful contribution and support of loads of bands stand out as management who have always treated punters, bands and staff with respect.
Many more people I haven't mentioned but they know who they are.

# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 18/09/2014, 11:16 (GMT)

SH!T - i forgot the amazing Graham Pickwick from Johnny Meerkat! Actually met him at a drum clinic of all places... Bonkers individual!!


# Posted by Havoc 51 - 18/09/2014, 11:35 (GMT)

The best for us was the NWB curry nights that we used to have when we were all friends. We met some great people from Gypsy, the Power 3, Mich Nash and Al .. We got some great tips on venues from those.

All good nights and it's a pitty they didn't carry on.

# Posted by paulandsandra marauder + white... - 18/09/2014, 11:50 (GMT)

For me it all started when me and the wife went to watch a little known duo called 'Anthem'
I remember they started playing 'still of the night' and I turned to my wife and said something along the lines of 'lets see if he gets the high note' - cue my jaw hitting the floor!!!!! Absolutely brilliant.
I got to hearing that there was a monster jam night at hunters lodge a few months later and at first I wasn't going to go, but the wife told me to go and get to know people. I turned up and got introduced to some of the best musicians, and like minded guys I have ever had the pleasure to meet.
Mark C, bad horsie mick, neil and paul from bad horsie, woody, Scott and Karen from SKP to name a few.
From that it transpired that I joined sabre and had a great 20 months with neil, cap'n pete, peter allenby and alan. I have met loads of other NWB members, Roj, Don, marc oxley, and Rick from the 45s, he stands out for me, the guy supports live music, is honest, and just a good guy. He came to see sabre a couple of times and was very supportive.
Also been lucky (?is that the right word?) to have been in a band with his royal gingerness scott beveridge! This guy is an absolute diamond, bloody hilarious and also a good musician and frustrated musician (drummer hehe)
Many a good time has been had, and hopefully the NWB scene can get together again for another monster jam night and just support each other and above all, have a bloody good laugh doing it!!!!!

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 18/09/2014, 12:21 (GMT)

Awww shucks. Ben and Matt, you have made me blush, which is pretty impressive since I have no shame. Matt, I don't think the world is ready for more than one of me!

Like a few others above, way too many positive experiences to pick just one. I've met so many people off this site, some of whom have become good friends. I've been there at the start of some bands and the end of others (particularly The Fix and Kinpin). I've seen hundreds of performances, drunk way more pints than I want to think about and even done the odd bit of dancing.

I know NWB sometimes has a tendency to get outraged over troll posts, whinge about charity gig requests and disappear under a morass of gig promos but it's also made me laugh out loud at inappropriate times and introduced me to bands that I wouldn't previously have considered going to watch because they're 'not my genre', just because I wanted to meet the nutter behind the NWB persona. Tex and Tel, I'm looking at you here, ya menks.

Great blog, Mr Murray. Don't forget to put your money in the swearbox x

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 18/09/2014, 12:54 (GMT)

Here's a story for ya Ben; Earlier this year, sitting with you, SKP Karen and a few others at a Johnny Meerkat gig at Ighten Leigh, talking drunken rubbish, when Karen suddenly realised that you were The Actual Ben Murray. I still giggle at Karen saying 'I can't believe I've met Ben Murray and he's not a cock', while you frantically tried to deny that you were, in fact, quite a decent bloke after all. Sorry mate, your cover's well and truly blown.

# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 18/09/2014, 13:03 (GMT)

I remember a Pheasant Pluckers gig with the horse shortly after the Twin Lizzy incident.

Several NWB clown commandos headed up by Scott and Sabre Pete turned up and proceeded to march into the gig dressed as mexicans carrying pete's entire drum kit between them. It was awesome. I remember Roger D almost decapitating himself with a pair of cymbals trying to corpse me(I think that was because I was the ringleader at the Twin Lizzy do) right at the end solo in Bark at the Moon. The video is on Youtube somewhere.

# Posted by Scott - 18/09/2014, 13:09 (GMT)

# Posted by Scott - 18/09/2014, 13:11 (GMT)

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 18/09/2014, 13:33 (GMT)

Meeting some of the nicest and coolest people that I now consider and hope will be friends for a very long time, even after the so called "music career" ends.

The legendary JOHNNO FEST!! (SKP are just leg ends!!) It seems to be growing and growing on an annual basis...soon it will spill on to the neighbouring fields and the BBQ will be redundant to be replaced by burger vans....looking forward to the acoustic & alternative stages soon!!

Tex for being Tex and putting a big feck off smile on everyone's face (and somehow convincing me to dress as Paul Stanley one day and wear green tights as boy wonder the next) ...YA MENK!!

There have been a few lows (Sorry for the smidge of negativity Ben) but the HIGHS have far outweigh them!!


# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 18/09/2014, 13:42 (GMT)

Re above video,

So Scott Beveridge says to me "What's the plan" ? I relpied "just twat fuck out of anything you can get your hands on"

Brilliant times, sadly missed. What the fuck happened?

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 18/09/2014, 13:46 (GMT)

What a great blog Ben, nice to have something really positive on here for once.

# Posted by Hellwyck - 18/09/2014, 16:09 (GMT)

From my past acquaintances in Fretsaw I met a band named Steelfields who put on one hell of a show in Blackpool one night (the memory is fuzzy 'round the edges for you see I was ver' ver' drunk), even tho' I am no longer in Fretsaw, I managed to keep contact with the guys in Steelfields (members in Metaleeka and Maurarder) and are great people to know!!

# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 18/09/2014, 17:26 (GMT)

One of the most touching things about this site is that when I had my motorbike accident last august, I got loads of messages of support from NWBers, and the guys in the band were great.

With all the fun we used to have, and the help for each other that has gone on, it surprises me that people talk about a "clique" like it's a bad thing lol ;o)

# Posted by Hellwyck - 18/09/2014, 17:58 (GMT)

Cliques to me are usually bad things... Communities aren't

# Posted by Time - 18/09/2014, 18:45 (GMT)

Came on here just for a quick look at what was happening in North West Music. Ended up meeting loads of completely mad people, sharing gigs, football and meals with them. Got drunk with Alyerpal, Rick 45s and countless others. Became good friends with people who were total strangers till I logged on here and even traveled to Halifax to see Dee and Dave's new pub.

Top people abound - now if I could only find this clique thing


# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 18/09/2014, 20:14 (GMT)

I rocked up at a Bad Horsie gig at the Griffin in 2010 just after forming JTS. Didn't know any NWBers but saw a post on here saying people were going and thought "I'll have a bit of that".

Since then, I've seen quite a few bands and met loads of great people from here, but hands down the best single night was this NWB jam night (no idea which one). I'm 3rd from the left at the back.


# Posted by Scott - 18/09/2014, 20:34 (GMT)

Love that pic. I'm the one growing out of Al's ear lol

# Posted by Willow (of somebig™Fish) (Reti... - 18/09/2014, 21:00 (GMT)

I turned up to the Hop Pocket on a Friday (Thursday) (?) night to watch Twin Lizzy after seeing the gig spoken about in a blog I read on newly visiting the NWB site.
Couple of things from that night …. one, I'd been in bands for a while but never seen a covers band with the presence of Twin Lizzy … superb lighting including the Twin Lizzy logo, and a great tight band.
Two, I plucked up the nerve to speak to a few people, Roj from the band and some big hairy ginger nutter with a fucking psych surfer/flame/hawaii shirt on!! No name needed there I don't think.
Then I saw Gill (Pottymouth) and, I think, ItIsShell having a bop and thought … I like this!!
p.s. I didn't speak to Sabre Pete … he scared the fuck out of me and still does!! :-)

Fast forward through many gigs and meet ups - including lead cymbal to Roj's bass drum for Bad Horsies 99 Red Balloons, Wick's legendary meetups inc. Alyerpal, Tex, Aid and many others, played on the same stage as Al, Roj and Mick Williamson (for one song - what an honour that was), some great nights with Dave and Dee (still visiting them in Halifax once in a while).

Had a couple of great gabs with Shug from Cheating Hearts

Then all the folks I've only 'met' online, like Ben, and of course, Ghandi.

But most of all …….. yourselves!


# Posted by Fanny Oakley - 18/09/2014, 22:02 (GMT)

first time i ever watched Johnny Meerkat and met Graham and the lads. Absolutely blew me away!! Got pished drinking brandy n coke each of which was followed by a shot of sambucca and although i said goodbye to an old bathroom carpet that night.. i said hello to a new bezzie mate - 4 yrs later we consider Graham and his lovely better half Netty to be two of ur closest friends and have shared many fantastic moments since and will continue to do so x luvs ya G xx

first time i met Ben Murray at a Johnny Meerkat gig drinking brandy n coke followed by sambucca.... hang on a minute theres a pattern emerging here! i swore to him that i would never announce on here that hes actually a really nice guy and not a COCK but as Dawn has already spilled the beans i spose it doesnt count ;-)

NWB JAM NIGHTS meeting the likes of bad horsie mick, madman scott, roj and gill, asa, jts andy, alyerpal, sabre pete n his skateboard, paul n sandra mcgill, gary bill (madhead), sharon coupe the list
goes on...

Having the pleasure to be able to say that rick and ann, tex n heather, aiden and di, roj n gill are friends.. not just nwb aquaintances but friends.

Its a shame that SKP will not have the opportunity to be part of this community as a whole as of our last gig on the 20th December but we have had an absolute blast and had the greatest pleasure of having some of the best company around.. be it fellow bandsmen, venue owners/managers and all of those that turn out religiously to support live music (Dawn!)

More memories still to be made.. more crazy gatherings still to be had ..viva la NWB!!

# Posted by VANKWISH - 18/09/2014, 23:43 (GMT)

First got into the NWB thing in 2009, didnt know many band members before that as I had spent a lifetime in clubland.
Andrea and Daz from The Queens (now the plough) were amazing with us, gave us our first home town gig and gave us plenty more after that. The Queens was a great venue, sadly missed to this day.
Through doing gigs there I met Pete from Sabre ( I think he was in Loci at the time)
Tim, the best harmonica player i have met, Roj (BlackRose) to name but a few.
Also met up with a blast from the past Mark Christopher and Andy (anthem).
After time, a new Music venue opened in Coppull, the pub had always been there, but it came to life under Bev and Steve, and became my second home..... To be fair, probably my first home!!!
It was here i met most of the NWB family.
Members from praire dogs, Clock, Metaleeka, Bad Horsie, Anthem, 45's 5th Element...... And plenty more.
I have had the pleasure of working along side some of these guys doing charity work, and it was a blast. i've also helped out Bad horsie, Marauder, Off The Rails and Sabre.
Since then I have met many more, Al, Paul McGill, Shack, Tony Bartley, Mark Knight, Bill, Willow, Dee and Dave, Shelley,
My most memorable night watching a band was in one weekend. A friday and Saturday night at the Pluckers...... Friday was the awesome Exit State. And Saturday still the best band I have seen, the amazing Steelfield, this band should never have split up, although witj gow high they set the bar, I'm glad they did.. ;)
Here i met Roy, Andy,James and Gareth.

All the above are now mates, some Have become so close I consider my family.
My best gig has to be the Hard Rock Cafe. Tried for 3 years to get on, then got 2 bookings and back there next year.

So now I've bored you.... What for the future.
To me, this site needs a revamp, a lot of the "old gang" have jumped ship. This is sad as it was a great laugh, would spend hours reading comments, if you have time, go and check out "if you were asked to play at" on gold!!!!
Think I'm done..... Sorry if I missed any body out, I'm sure I have.....


# Posted by 45s - 19/09/2014, 02:06 (GMT)

Jeez, I don’t know where to begin, lol.
Me and the Missus have travelled many a mile supporting LIVE MUSIC and of course the many Venues. As you all know, I’m a quiet reserved guy BUT when I win the ‘Toss’ and Anne is driving and the ‘Fire Water’ is consumed, fekk me, I frighten Myself sometimes, lol.
Enjoyed TheBigFish that much, we stayed overnight at Blackpool once and got a ‘Lock In’ With Wullie and Jackie at The Bank then just a short Zig Zag back to our Hotel.
Sabre at The Hop Pocket stands out. Two rather large blokes ‘pissing’ themselves at Pete’s Cowbell playing (Don’t fear the reaper). No word needed to be spoken, it was their reaction of doubling up and crying out got my missus to pee her pants. Thanks Bad Horsie Mick and Metaleeka Scott, pmsl.
As already mentioned, The Chorley Crazy Gang’s JAM NIGHTS – enough said.
Supporting The Fix at The Railway in Bromley Cross. Joined Ben and the gang on stage with the tambourine and couldn’t keep time because I was seeing treble, lol. SUPER BAND. The next day (after clearing it with Paul – Mr NWB) I put a blog on saying how shit they were BUT came clean the same day after the ‘Hulkman’ gave me abuse, pmsl.
Twin Lizzy at The Hop Pocket – already been covered above – great night !!!!
Meeting Viking at a 5th Element gig in Shaw, Oldham. By the break, I couldn’t understand what he was saying. Love’s a pint or two and a ‘Rock Out’ does V. The bass drum that night was mic’d up so much – it sent my pint flying across the table and wet Norma and Charlie pissed through, lol.
My Birthday Bash at The Jolly Nailor at The 45’s gig. 6 drummers in attendance and 5 of them got up to play various songs in our set – Great Night !
The NWB Curry nights. The NWB Golf. The NWB Monday Night Football.
The CottonHouse Shakers – very different and very good. Gary is one of the nicest guys I’ve met off NWB.
TRIG from Dakota. Provided the PA and stuff at the various Charities we organised. AND – thanks to ALL the bands that played for free !!!
Always loved getting up on the Drums with The Rozzers, Dyehouse, Reload and Dakota – just to name a few BUT only when I lost the ‘toss’ and I was sober and driving. Tried to do this with SKP with Graham (Johnny Meerkats) on another set – But it didn’t quite work out because Graham was shit, pmsl !
Doing the NWB Compilation Disc. So many bands sent in their promos – it ended up being a 2 Disc compilation and raised a few quid for the NWB Site.
The list goes on BUT I haven’t really thought about it really.

Rick (The 45’s) …. For now, lol.

# Posted by Valyria - 19/09/2014, 02:53 (GMT)

Jumping on the Alyerpal wagon, he hooked us up with a nifty banner last year for a very fair price, top bloke.

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 20/09/2014, 04:39 (GMT)

NWBs we have been members with you bleeding rabble for now around 6 yrs ( yeah we could have been married for more etc etc ..not a life sentence yet !)
Bit pished myself & winding down again after a gig ( as you do what a pain that is ) & over the years & I have met so many brilliant musicians on NWBs & still do .
What I really love is seeing my musician mates play ,I get so very little time out from our band to actually see bands play .
The CottonHouse Shakers what a great band ,its like being in a venue with bloody Jools Holland & Gary is a star musician ,has I have named him which he will hate (the Prince of NWBs ) .
Roj who I consider one of our mentors from The Stories early days,lots of really good advice which we took in & from the embers of the brilliant Thin Lizzy tribute band Twin Lizzy ,turning everything around right from square 1 again with lots of hard gigging into the now amazing Thin Lizzy tribute band Black Rose .
VANKWISH what an amazing band & ,The Stories 1st saw them not at The Queens but at The Crown in Chorley playing to a packed house & The Queens was still open (now derelict ) & had a massive influence on how good players a band should be & had a good sing along together after a few beers watching other bands play since ,great guys .
WRECKED ,a really hard gigging band who as well as Riff Raff became our on the road friends ,we hardly met but we ended up on the same live band lay lines ,some happy days with those guys ,they saw our van outside a venue its a quick PEEP & a " who the f..k are you " .

Lots of other great ventures & great friends to meet for every band on NWBs ....to be continued ...

# Posted by ben murray - 21/09/2014, 19:49 (GMT)

right mofo's times up. ill randomly pick a comment in the week.

feel free to keep the stories coming though. been nice ready thru em!


# Posted by Ace (Red Zoo) - 22/09/2014, 19:47 (GMT)

Missed it...bugger. :-(

# Posted by Asa - 22/09/2014, 20:00 (GMT)

You can have it if I win Aiden. I've not got much use for guitar goodies lol

# Posted by ben murray - 22/09/2014, 20:39 (GMT)

Excluding my own comments my random number generator came out with comment 24!

which means the winner is..................Bad Horsie (Mick)!!! Woo Hoo!

Mick I'll pm you for a chat

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 10/10/2014, 09:25 (GMT)

The competition might be over but I think we could still do with the kind of positivity that Ben's blog was intended to promote. With a few exceptions, you all seem to be a right bunch of touchy fuckers this week. Let's all familiarise ourselves with Rule 1, shall we?

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 10/10/2014, 09:44 (GMT)

What would that be Dawn. No swearing? Haha.


# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 10/10/2014, 09:50 (GMT)

1. Be nice: Even if you disagree with someone, you need to keep your tone civil and reasonable.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 10/10/2014, 09:59 (GMT)

Surely that depends on the nicety level of the blog.?


# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 10/10/2014, 11:09 (GMT)

Actually Tel it doesn't.

Why on Earth some folk come on here and seem to delight in causing trouble is beyond me. I just ignore them, even the ones who are worthy of legal action for slander.

Dawn...Spot on.

Now excuse me while I get ready to play a packed Citadel at St Helens :0)

Best wishes


# Posted by Billy Bandsaw - 10/10/2014, 11:26 (GMT)

I'm with you Tel.
Billy Banjaxed.

# Posted by Billy Bandsaw - 10/10/2014, 11:27 (GMT)

BTW is Ghandi on this site?

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 10/10/2014, 11:39 (GMT)

Ill have to disagree with you therGo one John. If people want to come on here with contentious wind ups effin & blinding i personally couldnt give a flying one, but they should expect the same back from us sane members. Sort of keeps the balance dont ya think?.

Go on Billy Boy go for it.


# Posted by ben murray - 10/10/2014, 11:50 (GMT)

You lot are knocking my karma out of kilter

Pack it in

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 10/10/2014, 12:29 (GMT)

Considering some of the members here have troll accounts like Thorazine Thora Hurd etc...

......... and then post from the same ISP address..........

No Tel, I don't think it keeps the balance.

Anyways back under my rock.

Best wishes


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