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Benefit Gig - Bands Wanted - Bolton

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Posted By : JulesBrassRoutesUSMail | Comments : 7

at the Brooklyn on Sunday October 19th

A friend has been in contact and wants to know if I know of any covers bands that are up for doing a benefit gig (no fee) for the family of the guy who died falling down the lift shaft at the flats on Marsden Road last week. It's on Sunday October 19th at the Brooklyn in Great Lever. They need a few bands , so looks like quite a big event, and a PA will be laid on. Let me know if you're interested - let me have your phone no. - and I'll put you in touch with the organisers. Jules



# Posted by FALLEN ANGELS - 16/09/2014, 11:14 (GMT)

I am assuming it's not a paid gig for the bands?

# Posted by JulesBrassRoutesUSMail - 16/09/2014, 12:28 (GMT)

Unfortunately no. May be of use if there are any bands after doing a first gig?

# Posted by Billy Bandsaw - 16/09/2014, 12:56 (GMT)

Light the blue touch paper......

# Posted by ben murray - 16/09/2014, 14:09 (GMT)

With the greatest of respect why are they raising money? I can understand from a personal, family point of view but expecting other people to give time and effort to someone who fell down a lift shaft?

I get that usual charities do's are to raise money and help awareness etc but how's that applicable in this instance?

Honestl y I'm not trying to speak ill of anyone or anyone's intentions I just find it all a bit odd? Feel free to delete this comment if you'd rather

# Posted by JulesBrassRoutesUSMail - 16/09/2014, 14:35 (GMT)

No Ben I do completely see your point. I'm not sure who's idea this is etc etc. I certainly know that my band wouldn't get involved, in fact all we seem to get these days is invites to do charity gigs....But there maybe someone out there who could use the opportunity to have a 'practice gig' whatever!

# Posted by ben murray - 16/09/2014, 14:54 (GMT)

Fair enough!

# Posted by Marauder - 16/09/2014, 15:00 (GMT)

To be honest.....I find these charity request blogs less irritating and offensive than some pubs wanting you to play for less than half your normal fee. At least they are up front about it and don't offer you shit loads of dates before they insult you.

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