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WANTED !!! Pubs with a decent following

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Posted By : james luke | Comments : 5

You fill the pub, we’ll entertain them !!!

I put this post on about 12 months ago and got a bit of grief from a few venues and even a couple of PM’s telling me how arrogant and wrong I was to post…THIS IS NOT A RANT OR A DIG AT ANYBODY JUST A POINT OF VIEW !!!!

Any way I thought B*llocks to it I’ll put it on again…

Has your pub got a decent following, maybe 50 or more people who you can guarantee will be there buying beer when we come to play. If so we’d like to hear from you. If you fill your pub with people..we will do our best to entertain them..

I play in a pub local to me in which I have a reasonable following of maybe 20 or 30 people and then there’s the regulars on top so perhaps 70 -80 people ..its always a good night, not because of me, but because it’s a social event where a few mates get together and have a few beers.. Some of those people don’t venture to my local unless I’m on which is nice but ….its also a shame , as they may be missing out on some great acts. But if I go 20 or 30 miles out of my area I couldn’t expect those people to come and follow me…it’s a local thing ! So unless you are holding tribute nights with specific artists/bands that people want to see, you have to rely on locals filling your pub.

So …while I can understand the pubs wanting local bands if every pub in the area did that, it would be a very stale music scene with the same few bands playing in the same few venues on a monthly rotation, I know I have done it. My local has acts from all over the north west and beyond and they seem to be doing pretty well from it. Put quality acts on and people will come.

I have played in pubs where you are not allowed to play in a pub within 5 or so miles within a 30 day period…how does that work when all the pubs in the area want local bands on to fill their pubs..The pubs gets the same few acts and the acts get the same few pubs and maybe gig 3 or 4 times a year because they cant play in any other pub locally… not good if you are trying to make money from it or if you want to play more often than that.

I have never run a pub and don’t envy anyone who does…It’s a tough job !!! But surely you can’t expect a band from say Barnsley to come to southport and bring all their following with them.. apart from it being pretty unfeasible, there would be an empty pub in Barnsley….slight exaggeration I know , but you get the drift. I think local bands in local pubs work really well…for so long..then you need to bring new blood in or it just gets boring unless of course you have 25 really good local bands and you give them 2 gigs a year each…

If you are unsure about booking something blind…go see a few bands…see if you like what they do..do you think your punters would like it ? Theres no shame in asking your punters what they want who they would like to see.. They may be well travelled and go more than 100 yards away from the local where they might have seen an out of area band that could be really good…you just never know

So in short..If you have a pub with a decent local following..give out of town bands a gig and see what happens..


# Posted by Sparrow - 10/09/2014, 12:23 (GMT)

Well said. I think what this post does do, is highlight the naivety, and lack of business acumen of some blog posters, who ask for bands with followings. Who lack experience and perhaps, have yet to learn, the pit falls of their chosen profession!!! Maybe a bit hard, but life doesn't take any prisoners.

# Posted by 45s - 10/09/2014, 13:25 (GMT)

Well said James, lol.

The best landlords get out and 'seek' potential bands for their place.


# Posted by Onebass - 10/09/2014, 13:43 (GMT)

Still waiting for the Charity night when the band gets paid and all proceeds of the bar go to the charity!

Don't think it will happen soon though.

# Posted by The Monkeymen - 10/09/2014, 13:46 (GMT)

Yep, been picked up by a pub landlord from 40 miles away & reckoned we were just the thing for his venue & his normal crowd.
He promoted it heavily & it was packed to the rafters, became a fairly regular gig & when the landlord moved he took the band with him.

# Posted by Marauder - 10/09/2014, 15:31 (GMT)

Old Cock and Oak springs to mind. Give the punters what they want and the pub will do well

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