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Posted By : Markk (Vankwish) | Comments : 18

Play just any gig that comes along?

I have been on here for a while now, i've been about in various bands and played quite a few different venues.

Now, i see bands on here that are practically desperate for gigs, as soon as a venue advertises there are 20 band scavenging for the booking.

I see the bands "2015 diary filling up fast" are there really enough venues around to keep you gigging every weekend that you can honestly say you enjoy?

I have played some venues and sworn i would never go back to (non recently). I like to think that as a band we pick the places we want to play rather than have to take whats on offer, we don't book month's in advance, if we get the gig great, if not oh well.

I just can't get this mega desperate want to have to play at any venue that will have you.

I see the "just had a cancellation- we are free for the next 4 hours please book us" posts.

Is it you need the money? Is it your income?

Do you search for the one you really want? Or just settle for the fact you have a gig in the local alleyway playing to a load of wheely bins and the odd car headlight?

Your thoughts please.

No slanging matches defamatory comments etc, just real life please.


# Posted by The Cheating Hearts - 21/05/2014, 20:03 (GMT)

My feelings are that you've got to play everywhere once - if it's amenable to what we do we'll do it again if not we're not generally into it just for the sake of a gig.
Bands are like sharks - if they don't keep moving they sink and drown and the way you get better gigs is by being good and the way you get good is by doing it as much as is possible. As time goes by the show gets a bit slicker, the nuances in any given song tend to come out and that's when it becomes music. I suppose you could rehearse a couple of times a week but that ain't gonna happen so the way forward is to play as many shows as you possibly can and sort out the wheat from the chaff as it where.
And, yes, I do need the money but I feel you can't beat a nice fat diary full of gigs. Makes you feel all warm inside...

# Posted by Wizdom - 21/05/2014, 20:12 (GMT)

Can't really add to what you have just said Shug that about sums it up!! :-)

# Posted by CrAsH COuRSe- CLASSIC PUNK - 21/05/2014, 20:13 (GMT)

In our early days we played any gig we could get.Now after 2 years+ on the circuit we know which venues we like and which we don't.We will play a new venue if we can with a 'Nothing ventured,nothing gained attitude.If that gig works out well,we (if asked) will play it again.If we dislike it,for whatever reason,we don't go back.

# Posted by Markk (Vankwish) - 21/05/2014, 20:24 (GMT)

I can see all points of view, and yes new venue not played at before, gotta try it once etc.

As for in it for the money, it really doesn't cover cost from my calcs, even playing every weekend still doesn't in publand.

We try and only play the bigger places now, I think because we have so much stuff lol, or the venues/for land ladies/lords who appreciate us as musicians.

Practice, yes, every week for us, sometimes twice. No big deal, we all contribute to the effort, we are always ready to gig.

Playing it live has always been the best way to learn, to hone the song imo.

Still don't feel the need to 'shark' every gig going.

Done some miles this yea so far, but for some awesome venues.

# Posted by VANKWISH - 21/05/2014, 20:38 (GMT)

Not going to coment on this as obviously me and Mr Knight share the same views.
I do like the fact we aim for bigger venues, doesnt make them any better, but generaly has better ammenaties, bigger stage (or actualy a stage) more than one plug socket and so on...
We do have a lot of gear, this does scare a lot of venues.
And just to add.... Did the venue who posted the advertisent above this post read the one below it?

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 21/05/2014, 23:28 (GMT)

We pick and choose to an extent. We aren't available every week any way... its also not the be all and end all if we have a week or even a month off? There are other things we could be doing... I have been a pro musician and on circuits where I worked 3 or 4 nights a week and was still semi pro for most of my adult life and I've just turned 51 ....... We work the pubs to a degree on our terms , we don't follow the usual set lists yet still get re booked ... Some times we play classic rock, sometimes some blues sometimes some soul . Life's to short to be playing somewhere you don't really want to be or music that doesn't please you.

# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 22/05/2014, 01:17 (GMT)

We have been on the road 9 years come October & in the last 4 years or so there have been so many hard changes (& we have had a foot in the door so to speak to get used to all the changes & move along with times ) but it must be really hard these days especially for new bands to find gigs & just to get a head start (which we try to help as much as we can with helping to find gigs ) .
I think what you are seeing is just a result of those changes & the extra effort that new bands are having to put into finding gigs & yeah ! it may seem desperate or like you say sharks , but its just a sign of the times & with all bands there has to be a starting point ,hey we sold our souls for a gig for our 1st 2 years & played to anyone & any where ( believe me I have a cracked tooth to prove it & don't ask) lol!
I totally agree with The Cheating Hearts, the way forward for any band is to play as many gigs as you can do, be it where or when ever ,it can only make you into a better band & that's how The Stories ,yourselves the excellent VANKWISH & a lot of the other well known bands on the NWBs got their voice heard .....carry on looking for those gigs new bands & I know a great dentist if you need one .

Andy .

# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 22/05/2014, 07:40 (GMT)

With hotd we played anywhere that would have us , it was fun but some places were a nightmare , people attempted to assault me on two occasions and they ended up with a thick ear , Steve was slammed to the ground on one occasion , towards the end of hotd it became clear that many if our favourie venues had become much rougher , and we needed to be more choosy. Sadly morons seem mire ans more in evidence these days, I find tribute venues with a door charge dissuades casual half wits from staggering in and causing mayhem. I don't like having to thump members of the audience , it can lead to all sorts of legal issues and personal safety issues.

# Posted by Stone Mile - 22/05/2014, 08:36 (GMT)

Think it starts off with how many times your band wants to gig; anything from 3 or 4 times a week to once a month. Then factor in how well known/established you are on the circuit. If you are a new band wanting to gig 3 or 4 times a week you're going to be on here a lot touting for gigs constantly. If you're better known and gigs come easier then there's not so much pressure.

I wouldn't do any venue that I half t researched properly, no matter how desperate I was but then I'm not too fussy. If the place has a decent crowd and reasonable management that's the main thing I look for. The other things such as the size of the stage, the acoustics etc come secondary - pretty much okay anywhere where there's a good friendly crowd.

I once saw a comment on here from someone who said they wouldn't play a venue unless it had a decent car park ....... Mmmm ..... a bit choosy?

# Posted by ThePunkMonkeys - 22/05/2014, 09:04 (GMT)

From my point of view, ive done all the weekends god sent me and all this and that. I would now say i always put our own enjoyment first. Whats the point of lugging everything around doin your thing and going home in mood because someones p!ssed you off one way or another. It isn't worth it in my opinion.

Put simple good venue=good night for all. I don't care what the stage space is or the fact ive had to lug some stuff upstairs or park round the corner so bloody what. If its a good audience who get up and enjoy themselves and decent landlord/management then all the other "niggles" don't matter. Filling up a diary to just to be constantly gigged? pointless in my opinion (unless its your income) but thats your choice but quite frankly if its your income you should be doing weddings really if you want to earn a decent earning, ive done that in the past *cue spine shudder*

# Posted by Neurode Surface - 22/05/2014, 09:13 (GMT)

As Shug said, play everywhere once, then pick & choose your favourite venue? Nowadays we try and book 'gig venues' as opposed to "pubs that want bands on"! We'd love to play the bigger venues (we pack a lot of gear too) but find it quite hard to get a foot in the door!

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 22/05/2014, 09:30 (GMT)

Excellent question Mark
And I'm sure there are many different answers depending on where people see their band in the great scheme of things.
When we started gigging with LGIT we had to be sure that potential venues were suitable for what we offer. We can't just play 'any old pub' for many reasons.....and we've spent countless hours trawling the Northwests venues on our nights off doing field research.
Sometimes we've took a gamble on a venue and sometimes it's worked for us, sometimes not.
Now, we have an established list of trusted venues where what we do works.....but we still take a chance on a new venue now and again!!!
Quality over quantity is the key phrase here....we don't want to play just for the sake of it.....unlike a good few on here!!!!
Maybe it's because we're getting old and slowing down....can't manage 100 gigs a year anymore!!!!
Don't get me wrong, we chased a lot more gigs in the early days because we we're doing something that was new, fresh and exciting to us but time has slowed us down....
Some people are obsessed with it....'gotta get a gig'.....gotta!!!!....because we love it!!! etc....
But how many of these gigs will be remembered after the hang-over fades.
Each to their own. There are many big fish in tiny pools.

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 22/05/2014, 14:45 (GMT)

No its got to suit what we do, which mainly directs us to Rock/Biker bars and specific venues catering towards tribute acts.

# Posted by Markk (Vankwish) - 22/05/2014, 19:18 (GMT)

I think i prefer it the way we are.
It's maximum enjoyment with bloody good music.

Not sure i could handle being tied to the commitment of having a diary rammed with gigs, I do have a life other than music.
But I am always available when we do gig.

Personal perception i suppose.

# Posted by The Kerbcrawlers - 24/05/2014, 10:15 (GMT)

I joined a new band earlier this year and we are currently looking for work. Some places loved the old band, but the new band is a lot more pop than the old band, so we wouldn't fit in.

There are some places I have played before that I will not go back to, that I have turned away when they wanted the new band. They double-booked my old band and I don't forgive and I never forget that.

We also are also being more selective with venues. Our singer jokingly said he doesn't want to go anywhere "where he has to wipe his feet on the way out".

I am currently working in 4 bands (down to 3 after next month, then it's down to 2 at the end of the year, which will make the workload more tolerable). I know which venues are quite decent and will approach those.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 24/05/2014, 17:59 (GMT)

Don't wanna sound negative or owt , god forbid anything but gig promos.. but isn't all this FB liking bollox a waste of time? its all tomorrows chip paper anway innit? or am I missing something?

# Posted by Markk (Vankwish) - 24/05/2014, 18:17 (GMT)

FB ?

Maybe i have missed something here?

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 24/05/2014, 18:27 (GMT)

Ha Ha .. sorry Markk.. wrong blog haha. im going senile.


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