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Prince Manchester Friday and Saturday

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Posted By : ejectthetape | Comments : 9

Awesome shows

Seriously ... probably some of the best shows I have EVER seen. This man can play. He has made his backing band, 3rdeyegirl, rehearse all his back catalogue for a reason . Night one he got half way though his set list before throwing a curve ball and playing what he wanted. The second night he only managed six songs before changing it all completely round and playing classics that haven't been heard for years. I'm guessing he was feeling the crowds reaction and pulling song out of a very tall hat to keep the crowd on its toes. Superb stuff. Unfortunately no footage this time, however here's some from the pre tour gig at the Acadamy, Manchester


# Posted by Rock Hard - 19/05/2014, 23:21 (GMT)

I recall lying awake at night in a bed sit in Bristol late 1983 . Post uni , skint and bored of hard rock at the time . Little Red Corvette came on Radio 1 some time in the night . I thought this guy is going to be big !

Saw him 1992 Earls Court .

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 20/05/2014, 10:38 (GMT)

Me and my mate went on the Friday, it was epic - despite the sound problems (e.g. When Doves Cry). That man is a musical genius! His backing band were excellent, although it did take a bit of getting used to hearing the old tunes rocked up to the max. As a gig, brilliant stuff - the 2+ hours flew by. Him doing an almost completely different set the night after is testament to just what a legend he is.

# Posted by ejectthetape - 20/05/2014, 10:50 (GMT)

@synthy stage right channel seemed distorted on friday.
saturday was a big improvement...plus an extended medley of hits proved popular
my bucket list is now complete

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 20/05/2014, 11:03 (GMT)

Ahh, that'd explain a lot - we were sat to the right of the stage so I guess we got the full force of it. Aside from that minor problem it was top-drawer stuff. Awesome night. Time for me to get working on completing Prince's back catalogue now!

# Posted by ejectthetape - 20/05/2014, 12:39 (GMT)

@synthy may be able to sort you.some stuff out. I acquired 65 gig of outtakes etc, on saturday night. And i had 25 comp tickets doh!

# Posted by RED ZOO - 20/05/2014, 13:12 (GMT)

Went Friday couldn't get into the Gig because of very poor sound.....Yet again in this Arena...the front of house sound engineer (Mr Dreadlocks) looked out of his depth .....but just my opinion... Loads of people Loved it so fair enough............And to the Big Fat Pig who stood in front of me blocking a lot of my View cheers mate

Dave ....

# Posted by Synthy Mike - 20/05/2014, 14:00 (GMT)

@ejectthetape - that'd be awesome!

@redzoo - that's why I had to give up standing at gigs - well that and me bad back! The tallest people in the crowd always seem to stand right in front of me. Grrr!!!

# Posted by ejectthetape - 20/05/2014, 20:04 (GMT)

@redzoo - mr dreadlocks could talk the talk...but that was it. I put up with his shi** till 3 in the morning

# Posted by ejectthetape - 20/05/2014, 20:11 (GMT)

@synthy. is it easier to dropbox stuff, then you can pick it up

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