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Double Entendre

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Posted By : Steve Slinger | Comments : 3

Georgia Browns and The Old Cock and Oak Bar

I don't normally post here anymore but felt compelled to do so, not for any sort of sycophantic coupling before the 'Nay Sayers' kick off, simply an honest assessment of two establishments which in my opinion deserve the praise herein.
Last week I played Georgia Browns, if you haven't had the pleasure yet, it is well worth pestering Gary and Ali for a gig or simply to drop in for a pint or two .. Here's why ... Load in is easy and there is a good stage area set up in the corner of the room (I hope this stays!). Lots of power sockets and a good view of the pub. Clientele was varied, young and old. Gary and Ali keep a close eye over proceedings and you will see them flitting about here and there during the evening. All that is well and good, but what makes Georgia Browns a great place to play is the warm welcome and the feeling that you are being 'looked after'. By no means am i suggesting that there is any interference .. More the opposite, Gary and Ali let you get on with things but are very accommodating should you need anything, maintaining a co-operative dialogue. For me it makes such a difference when the land lord / lady seek you out, meet and greet and maintain that interaction.
I understand that the pub is due a refurbishment (AstroTurf in the back!!!! Amongst other things ... take a footy :-)) and I wish them both well with that.
So last night Dee and Dave's new place ... The Old Cock and Oak Bar ... Bit of a mouthful (check out the Anna Kournikova picture at the side of the stage). The pub is effectively in the town centre, just off the Main Street and once you have found your way through the one way system and passed the turn off for the pub a couple of times :-) you will see a relatively innocuous building but just wait until you get inside! Loading is easy and parking right next to the pub. Good stage area but you may want to consider placing one of your speakers the other side of the pillar stage left to ensure your sound carries effectively. Loads of power points and a good view of the main bar. I say it's the main bar but I'm not sure .. There is an equally impressive bar (The Oak Bar) upstairs, I wonder whether that makes the downstairs bar the Cock Bar .... In any case, here's the thing, the pub is stunning... Oak beams, stained glass windows, galleried landing the list goes on, it is truly a beautiful place. I've attached some pictures below. I've known Dave and Dee for some time having played their place in Hindley a few times with Phoenix but hadn't seen them for a few years and they haven't changed a bit. Warm friendly and welcoming.
I know a lot has been said about Gary / Ali and Dee / Dave in the past and endorse all the positivity. They are just great landlords/lady's.
For all those booked into play you will have an absolute cracker. For those considering contacting for a booking you'd be daft not to.
I've seen many a blog descend into purile nonsense and reserve the right to delete any rubbish (it's a shame I'm posting that at all).
As promised some pics and I hope this draft has been informative.


# Posted by INCIDERS - 17/05/2014, 12:37 (GMT)

I totally agree pal we have had the pleasure to play at both venues, great gigs to play you said it all.

# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 17/05/2014, 17:29 (GMT)

@ Steve Slinger (Maine) Thank you very much for your kind words Steve it does mean a lot to Ali and Myself to hear that Bands have enjoyed themselves when appearing at GB's and I am sure that D+D will feel the same way when they read this. You are absoloutely spot on about the Old Cock and Oak bar. I visited before the re-furb and believe me they had a massive job on their hands to bring it up to the fantastic place it is now.
On the subject of the "Stage" following a protest march of Hundreds of Thousands of people (Me and Ali) on Head office I am pleased to say that it will not be being removed.

Thank you once again.

See you soon.

Gary n Ali.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 18/05/2014, 10:01 (GMT)

Always loved playing GB - top venue and a crowd that's always 'up for it'

They like showing a bit of frisky flesh too. Think we (in my red zoo days) made and saw and made a few boobs and triangles :)

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