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The Power 3@The Greyhound Barnoldswick Tomorrow Night

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Posted By : THE POWER 3 | Comments : 5

Another first timer........

Another first timer for us here at this venue tomorrow. See you there.



# Posted by Off The Rails - 16/05/2014, 20:16 (GMT)

Have a good gig guys, the last time I went in there I went to watch Ask Anyone (Jenny from Ask Anyone used to be in OTR).

A good crowd in there but just a word of warning when I went there was a bunch of farmers in and one of them let rip, wow it fetched tears to your eyes, everybody moved from that side of the room to the other, Jenny was singing at the time and she put a very brave face on and just carried on singing lol.

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 16/05/2014, 20:44 (GMT)

It cant have been as bad as one of your entrapment farts Don Tonio !!!!

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 16/05/2014, 20:46 (GMT)

Oh, by the way have a great night Lads !

# Posted by CJ - 17/05/2014, 13:27 (GMT)

Just a touch of pot calling kettle there Tony I think.
I've been at band rehearsals with OTR that I still have nightmares about.

The stuff that you have released into the atmosphere was weapons grade and should have been contained by UN Inspectors....Chris

PS Have a good one yerself GAZ.

# Posted by Fitz - 18/05/2014, 02:05 (GMT)

Ha,ha! Only just spotted this after getting in from Ask Anyone at the Lane Ends, Burnley.

greyhound or 'the Dog' is a super gig and hope you found it so. Nice pub, compact but decent playing area, regulars really seem to appreciate live music. Nice lot and a good pint of real ale to boot!

Don't recall a hum in the room, maybe Jenny acted like and air-con unit and cleansed the air before I had to breath it! Lol

Happy days! Bedtime after a super AA with Jen nite tonite in Burnley


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