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Not music related really

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Posted By : james luke | Comments : 2

looking for bt engineer etc.

Hi looking for someone to come and wire a couple of asdl sockets up for me..I have all the cable and sockets just need someone with the knowhow to do it.
drop me a text on 07766763067 if you are able or know someone that is... preston/southport area



# Posted by Ace (Red Zoo) - 28/04/2014, 22:01 (GMT)

Just connect the blue and white wires to 2 and 5
and the orange on 3 On the small pull off front you take off your master socket, connect them the same on your New sockets and cut the capacitor out on your New sockets, you can run them off one another. If it's ADSL you will need the filter/splitter in which ever socket you are going to use.

# Posted by james luke - 29/04/2014, 09:32 (GMT)

cheers for that, will give it a whirl, whats the worst that can happen ha ha

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