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Steamhouse Sale

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Posted By : THE JACKSON KAY BAND | Comments : 8

Contact No please

I'm finding it impossible to contact anyone at the steamhouse to let them know we cannot do a gig on 30th May.

Does anyone have a contact no?


Is anyone available to step in to do the gig?

Cheers Dan


# Posted by Blackstone and The Bandits - 20/04/2014, 02:40 (GMT)

Hey Dan,
Suppose you've tried these already?
scott - 07522 635908, 07594431422

We're still available 30th May


# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 20/04/2014, 09:03 (GMT)

Hi will, yes I've tried those but no luck.

# Posted by Stone Mile - 20/04/2014, 20:37 (GMT)

There's a new guy in. I've PM'd you detAils


# Posted by Fanny Oakley - 20/04/2014, 22:04 (GMT)

was that number i sent no use Dan?

# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 21/04/2014, 00:50 (GMT)

Thanks everyone, finally managed to get through on this no.

07702 564528

Cheers Dan

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 21/04/2014, 08:16 (GMT)

What's the crack then...is Scott still involved here? We play Steamhouse for first time in July.


# Posted by THE JACKSON KAY BAND - 21/04/2014, 08:34 (GMT)

Hi Dean,

I wouldn't worry the steamhouse is a fantastic venue to play, if you've not played there yet and don't know what to expect, I guarantee your in for a treat! This place is serious about being a live music venue.

The only problem with the steamhouse is that recently they have had a few changes in managers, and keeping up to date contact nos for them has been almost impossible.

The no to get them on now is 07702 564528.

Cheers Dan

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 21/04/2014, 10:12 (GMT)

Thanks Dan.

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