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RIP Rae from Rampage

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Posted By : Victoria lostock hall | Comments : 16


Just seen on the Rampage FB page that Rae passed away last night. This is the post:

It is with deepest regret we inform you that Rampage Rae passed away last night.
He died as he lived, bravely, with pride and dignity.
We would like to thank everyone for the messages of support for Rae and the family during this very difficult time. The funeral arrangements will be announced at a later date.

Only met him a couple of times when he was gigging at our place; but he was a great guy, a great drummer, and clearly well loved and respected. Thoughts and prayers go out to Marianne, all his family and his Rampage family. You will be sorely missed big man. Carry on playing the drums wherever you are.


# Posted by MICK NASH - 03/03/2014, 16:04 (GMT)

I heard the earlier today from Simon Lee that Rae had passed away. Very sad news. Deepest sympathy to Rae's family, bandmates and friends.

# Posted by Off The Rails - 03/03/2014, 16:10 (GMT)

I also heard about Rae earlier today, he will be very much missed in the local music scene, my sincere sympathy to his family and friends.

R.I.P Rae


# Posted by 45s - 03/03/2014, 16:28 (GMT)

That is very sad news indeed.

God bless Rae.


# Posted by that Frank - 03/03/2014, 16:31 (GMT)

Thinking of you all at this very sad time.


# Posted by Wizdom - 03/03/2014, 16:44 (GMT)

Didn't know him but always sad when fellow musicians pass away.
sympathy to you all R.I.P Rae.


# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 03/03/2014, 17:20 (GMT)

got a text this morning....very sad !

# Posted by Poundstone - 03/03/2014, 17:22 (GMT)

As with Mike Wizdom, we never physically knew Rae but did hear about his illness and were hoping for a happy ending. RIP and sincere condolences to his bandmates, family and friends.

Frankie Lee + Paul

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 03/03/2014, 17:23 (GMT)

Very sorry to hear about this, deepest Sympathy to Rae's family, friends and band members.

R.I.P. Rae.


# Posted by Andy the Animal (RailerMania) - 03/03/2014, 19:13 (GMT)

Terrible news this, so sorry to hear.
R.I.P. Rae

# Posted by Jump the Shark (Andy) - 03/03/2014, 19:25 (GMT)

Sad news. Didn't know Rae but all the best to everyone affected.


# Posted by niceguyhomer - 03/03/2014, 20:44 (GMT)

RIP big fella. Love and miss you loads.

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 03/03/2014, 21:22 (GMT)

Sad news. RIP.

# Posted by Laser Monkeys - 03/03/2014, 21:43 (GMT)

So sad, our thoughts are with everyone that knew him.


# Posted by SpiRock - 04/03/2014, 13:03 (GMT)

Sorry I didn't know the guy but he was part of the bigger family. The musicians family.....So very sorry to hear.Rest in peace mate......

# Posted by On The Edge - 05/03/2014, 08:11 (GMT)

R-I-P fella, never got to have a good chat with you, sleep well . Love n thoughts to all that knew him.xxxx


# Posted by Mark C Marauder + Whitefake - 05/03/2014, 13:19 (GMT)

I echo the above comments, deepest sympathies to his family, R.I.P sir

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