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Drunken fool does not spoil gig at Wangies

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Posted By : noneoftheabove | Comments : 18

But he tried

Excellent first gig for us at Wangies, which we had arranged to have videoed. SO a drunken fool decided he would try to get in on the video, dancing in front of the camera. Eventually, he lost his balance, crashing onto the stage knocking over mic stands, drinks, but fortunately not doing too much damage, except to the song we were singing at the time. Anyway it's all captured on video and will be appearing here, there and everywhere shortly (including You've been Framed with a bit of luck ... 250 smackers will make up for the emotional damage), notably Wangies FB page ... watch this space.

And if you like, do share your drunken w**ker stage invasion, equipment damage horror stories.


# Posted by Stone Mile - 03/03/2014, 09:32 (GMT)

Hard luck guys. We've had a few stage crashers. One was a hen who was wearing an inflatable donkey looking like she was riding it. She wasn't a small woman either. Luckily she didn't fall over otherwise we would have had to cancel the gig. I posted something on twitter about it with a jokey warning that no animals were abused. Can you believe it Wiltshire (of all places!) RSPCA have started to follow our band twitter account - presumably to check we are living up to our name.



# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 03/03/2014, 09:34 (GMT)

Had a mass brawl in Wangies last year.
Cracking fun

# Posted by Clash Of The Titans - 03/03/2014, 10:33 (GMT)

Think this has happened to a lot of us, and we are no exception. The person in question knocked over our bass player, who then fell in to the drum kit, knocking over various stands and drums.
I remember our singer shouting "keep going" which was hilarious considering the tangled bodies embedded in the drum kit. Even funnier was the fact that the song was "White Riot."

Rock and Roll or what!

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 03/03/2014, 11:28 (GMT)

Rock N Roll or What ? Even us Bluegrassers get that, ive had my sm 58 rammed into my gob many a time by arseholes pissed. Its worse when they are brute bully boys though.


# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 03/03/2014, 11:31 (GMT)

Look forward to seeing the video.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 03/03/2014, 15:12 (GMT)

Happens more often that you think, had a pissed up women tried to get up on stage a tripped over the monitor, fell on my mike stand and bit me in the gob, funny as fook.

# Posted by Paul (Hot Water) - 03/03/2014, 18:01 (GMT)

A good while ago (in fact while I was still with OTR) I remember playing a gig at the Tardy Gate in Lostock Hall... apparently a fight kicked off straight in front of the stage but I was completely oblivious.

When we got off stage I think the comments ran along the lines of 'how did you manage to keep playing while it was all going on?'... 'All what?' was my reply.

Ho hum... totally wrapped up in the music? Age related eyesight (and hearing) degeneration? Or something else...?


Life is full of rock, you just have to roll with it.

# Posted by steve c - 03/03/2014, 18:05 (GMT)

I was at wangies last night,a young girl and lad videoed the 1st set stood right in front of the stage,filming with a camera mounted on a tripod,maybe a bit of discretion was needed, and filmed from the sides,wangies folk like to dance and enjoy themselves good noise though

# Posted by noneoftheabove - 03/03/2014, 18:31 (GMT)

Hi Steve C ... we wanted to get a decent video and so chose Wangies as it is a good venue that looks like a proper venue, not someone's front room. The tripod-mounted camera was on the side; but a second person was filming on her phone from the front (as was a member of the audience for one or two songs). There was plenty of room for dancing, not that anyone *was* dancing, but this guy was clearly taking the piss, walking back and forth in front of the camera and, when he was behind the camera-woman, nudging into her back.
Anyway glad you enjoyed the gig. Apart from that incident we did too.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 03/03/2014, 19:03 (GMT)

Is that Wangies near to Jackson's Pit?

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 03/03/2014, 19:54 (GMT)

or am I in the wrong town?

# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 03/03/2014, 21:34 (GMT)

It really annoys me when the barstaff at venues still serve these people when they are clearly past their sell by dates..... 9 times out of 10 we can see this sort of thing happening long before it escaltes a few pints before it kicks off , the pissed Arsehole is already making a knob of themselevs ..... It's funny how 99% of the punters watching them can see this is going happen, which begs the question why are the Bar Staff still serving them?
How many times have you thought to yourself, heard or made comments about someones behaviour then that few pints later ...........
Im all for having fun but there is a line......... A good manager and staff know that line.... if this sort of thing is happening often then at avenue or pub then........... well draw your own conclusions.

# Posted by Clash Of The Titans - 04/03/2014, 11:52 (GMT)

@ Alfie - Completely understand your rant. Some pubs are pretty good at dealing with tossers though. We were at The Bike n Hound, when this pissed up knob started chatting up my Mrs, and then proceeded to start stepping (more staggering) on the effects pedals, whilst spilling his pint everywhere. The bar staff quickly grew intolerant, and threw him out five minutes later, after he tried to start a fight with the drummer's dad.

# Posted by Starring Studio - 04/03/2014, 20:17 (GMT)

Of course, all landlords know it's illegal to see alcohol to someone who is already drunk, so how do they get that bad?

Perhaps it's worth stopping the music and getting the landlord over, you've got a mic and a PA to get their attention with.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 04/03/2014, 20:25 (GMT)

or am I talking to myself?

# Posted by noneoftheabove - 04/03/2014, 23:44 (GMT)

CottonHouse Shakers I dont know where Jacksons Pit is, but Wangies is on Liverpool Road near the canal.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 05/03/2014, 00:00 (GMT)

@noneoftheabove - ok thanks, I am thinking of the wrong place.

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 05/03/2014, 14:45 (GMT)

Whittles is on top of Jacksons Pit Oldham...,Wangies is Eccles ....so Yes ;-)

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