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Unfortunately we've had to cancel tomorrow nights booking

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Posted By : BONESHAKER | Comments : 2

So that means that we're available .....Any takers?

Due to circumstances beyond our or the venues control we have had to cancel tomorrow nights gig at the Hop Vine in Burscough.
Really sorry for anyone who was making their way over there to see us, hopefully all being well we will be able to fulfil the remaining bookings that we have with them this year.
Something to do with the noise police.bugger.

But we are available now so if any venues want us on at their place, now's your chance.


# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 27/02/2014, 14:15 (GMT)

Not the fucking noise police again, that's an ARSE.

# Posted by BONESHAKER - 27/02/2014, 18:13 (GMT)

'Tis a big arse. Was expecting it busier than usual (if thats possible).

Had friends phone up a couple of weeks ago to try and book a table and were told "sorry we're fully booked that night, boneshaker are playing".

Hearing those kind of comments make it all worth it, so to be cancelled is a huge bummer.

Not the venues fault at all and hopefully something will be in place for when we are next due there.

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