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Johnny Meerkat back at it!!

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Posted By : Graham - Mustard | Comments : 12

At last...Ighten Leigh Social Club Sunday the 2nd... 5pm kick off!!

Had a break ....New toones...Back at it.....Bring it on!!

Ighten Leigh Social Club Padiham Rd Burnley BB12 6SZ




# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 26/02/2014, 22:38 (GMT)

hope all the new stuff goes down a treat guys ;-)

# Posted by Fanny Oakley - 26/02/2014, 23:57 (GMT)

hold on to yer hats folks... this could get messy!
av a blinder G x

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 27/02/2014, 09:18 (GMT)

I'm washing my hair...

# Posted by skp scott - 27/02/2014, 10:24 (GMT)

I am also washing my hair lol.;)

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 27/02/2014, 10:59 (GMT)

Me too, all 14 of em , in me ears.


# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 27/02/2014, 11:18 (GMT)

Well seeing as you lot are gonna look so good I best dye mine then!!

# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 27/02/2014, 11:30 (GMT)

I thought you already dyed it grey, Graham, for gravitas. Not really working though *runs*

# Posted by Ace (Red Zoo) - 27/02/2014, 12:38 (GMT)

and me. ;0)
have a good one......cant believe you're back!!!!

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 27/02/2014, 12:45 (GMT)

@Ace You can't keep a grey haired old buzzard down pmsl

@ThatDawnOne I is very extinguished ya know!!

# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 27/02/2014, 15:58 (GMT)

I have a broken leg so I will not be able to make it - Hopefully it will be better by the time you come to visit me.

Love and kisses.


ps - I have had a ton of lettuce leaves delivered to Burnley.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 27/02/2014, 16:40 (GMT)

Thought you guys had been a bit quite. lol

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 27/02/2014, 17:30 (GMT)

@ Roj...Don't know what you mean :-)

@Beethoven looking forward to the mahoosive Salad arrival already!

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