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Are Guitar Solo's Played Out ?

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Posted By : JCH | Comments : 16

You've Heard Guitar Solo's Taken To Their Limits - Right ....

I'm aware that when playing covers the solo can't be left out, however do they still have the same impact ?
A bit like snooker & the 100 break / 147s .....

I would suppose all categories of entertainment fit within this topic, same with the good old drum solo - is it not just a convenient break for the rest of the band whilst the drummer's left sweating his proverbials off.

What do you think ?


# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 26/02/2014, 16:13 (GMT)

If it fits the song it's ok. If it's just non-melodic meedle, I generally use extended solos as a beer and toilet break. I'm pretty much the only lead guitarist I know who refuses to go beyond 30 seconds for a lead break.

# Posted by JCH - 26/02/2014, 16:26 (GMT)

HaHa - a beer & toilet break, nice one. Makes me wonder about going beyond 30 seconds ; is it perhaps you're picking up the vibes that to go on longer may slightly diminish what you've already achieved with a particular solo. This is somewhat maybe touching on similar to my query.


# Posted by Mick (ex Bad Horsie) - 26/02/2014, 17:11 (GMT)

Some may think about it that way.

My slant is I'm in a pub band and I know that my bands audiences aren't interested in lengthy pickrotechnics, so keep it short.

# Posted by Guilty Pleasures - 26/02/2014, 17:54 (GMT)

For already established song, NO I don't think the impact has lessened..
For new music, then YES the solo plays a smaller part generally.

I couldn't imagine us playing Blackbird without the twin guitar solo at the end, pretty much the whole song builds up to that point.


# Posted by legend - 26/02/2014, 19:24 (GMT)

Totally depends on how its done and how it fits within your set. If its done in a "different" way and guitar player is genuinely able to engage the audience and get them involved,making it fun it can be a brilliant part of the set.
If its just the usual note for note solo played without feeling whatsoever then its guaranteed to bore the pants off all concerned.

# Posted by ROCKING HORSE - 26/02/2014, 19:46 (GMT)

Horses for courses I suppose.
For those that can Its fine, those that can't but try anyway are the ones that usually bore audiences.
You don't really hear many solo's in modern rock music. I think a lot of that is the "grunge" influence.
Its seems to be uncool now to play a good solo in a song. Probably why so much new rock sounds so boring and similar. Its a bit like rehashed punk mixed with Nirvana.

Then again maybe lack of ability is the real reason they deem it uncool, maybe its because they are not capable of playing a decent solo. Pity no-one told Noel Gallacher is was uncool. It might have spared us all those horrendus attempts at soloing

Anyway what do I know? I'm just a bass player.

# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 26/02/2014, 19:54 (GMT)

The only people interested in lead breaks are lead guitarists. That's why everyone and his dog starts ogling their phones during Alright Now break.


# Posted by PINK FLOYDIAN - 26/02/2014, 21:07 (GMT)

If thats the case then why are people like Tony Wood from A Band of Gypsies in so much demand at venues? People appreciate talent in whatever form generally. Outstanding guitar playing will always draw crowds. Front men are like strikers, Guitarists are like attacking midfielders and everyone wants to see Messi and Ronaldo performing. No one wants to watch goalkeepers and defenders unfortunately

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 26/02/2014, 21:30 (GMT)

For everyone that doesn't appreciate them there is someone that does appreciate them... Get out there and do whatever you can do to entertain...... !

# Posted by JCH - 26/02/2014, 21:30 (GMT)

Some fair & good points scored here. I think 'Rocking Horse' & Big Area have a fair perspective, as do others from their own views. Wagontown, yes I think your analysis concerning many guitarists is true.
Pinked Floyd also a fair & correct observation.

I still think for instance - once mount Everest was climbed so many times, the interest somewhat wanes, same as the south pole ....
But I will always take notice of something a bit special, even though it's hardly possible to break new ground anymore.
Versatility - playing a solo in a 'different' way, as vamika2013 has stated is pretty cool, but I would try & avoid undercutting the original, which is sometimes the case ; then it doesn't do you any favours.

As indicated if the guitar player is capable then fair enough.


# Posted by Roberto, fretboard polisher - 26/02/2014, 23:19 (GMT)

SAS , get in fast, get out fast, and leave a hell of a mess and some sense of awe.

# Posted by JCH - 27/02/2014, 01:02 (GMT)

Sounds like within the blink of an eye.
John Petrucci was doing a bit of that the other week at the Apollo, got in fast but in no hurry to get out, still left a sense of awe though, & mine own ears partially deaf for a couple of days :)

The Wife managed to shake hands with Petrucci & most of the rest of the Band, so I'm thinking, might as well do a hand shake myself seeing as we were on the front row. Thonly thing is - Petrucci gave me his plectrum what he'd been using ~ Oh Well.


# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 27/02/2014, 09:06 (GMT)

I'm not sure what we are talking about here ? Are we talking about long lead guitar breaks in songs , or guitar solos where the guitarist plays on his own , strictly speaking you can't have a guitar solo in a song , unless the other guys stop playing , it sounds pedantic but there is huge difference between a lead guitar break in a tune and a guitar solo, someone even mentioned a twin guitar solo ! Which would be a duet .

Entertaining skilful imaginitive guitar playing will always capture people attention , show gazing sloppy ill thought out playing won't .

# Posted by JCH - 27/02/2014, 10:52 (GMT)

Yes Daz - lead guitar breaks in general. I guess my query was to gauge the feeling from the guitarist perspective on this, whilst at the same time how the audience responded.

In other words has the guitar solo ( break ) become tedious.
Entertaining skillful imaginative playing whatever instrument will I think always command attention, although maybe not as appreciated these days.

I would like to think there's always the place for a good solo, bearing in mind whether the song or tune requires it.


# Posted by Neurode Surface - 27/02/2014, 12:59 (GMT)

Now me & Ryan can both play, and occasionally get accosted by some people from the audience after the gig who is looking to start playing and wants to ask a few questions, BUT... we play a fairly heavy version of Wipeout, which is really a 'drummer' showcase, and believe me, EVERYBODY loves to see a drummer giving it his all, especially the way our Pete cuts loose!

# Posted by JCH - 27/02/2014, 21:21 (GMT)

@Neurode Surface, I remember Wipeout,, a massive hit record at the time - take it you're referring to the old Safaris version ( 60s ) - good on you if that's what you're experiencing.


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