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Band of Gypsies,The Sun Inn Briarcliffe ,Video last night

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Posted By : Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat Combo. | Comments : 4

Tony In HM solo mode completly differnt from his Blues playing! lovely showman touches near end !

End of the second spot last night ........... Where the song traditionally ends thats where the lads take off soloing !


# Posted by thE gEmiNi mAn - aN eNiGmA - 24/02/2014, 20:22 (GMT)

Great footage - great band - never know what's coming next .

# Posted by viking - 24/02/2014, 21:56 (GMT)

how to take hold of an "overplayed" cover, pick it up by it's tail, shake it up and make it RAWK!!

@ thE gEmiNi mAn seSSion bAssiSt -just watch mr. burns on that bass-masterclass, methinks. goes without saying about tony-always amazing to watch. plus rock solid percussioning-most excellent. :-)

# Posted by thE gEmiNi mAn - aN eNiGmA - 25/02/2014, 10:03 (GMT)

@ viking so true and chips in with a fair share of vocals too .

# Posted by A Band of Gypsies / A.B.O.G - 25/02/2014, 15:50 (GMT)

Cheers guys thats really cool dunno what to say otherwise than again thank you for the kind words :-)


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