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APPEAL - If you can, help me catch these men

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Posted By : Shep | Comments : 12


Guys & Gals of NWB land

unfortunately, one of the young ladies involved in this is my daughter. She now has a fractured cheek bone and multiple other injuries.

If anyone was out in Fallowfield or knows anyone that might have been, just ask them to cast an eye on the police press release below. If they can help, please get them to call the cops, who incidentally have been exceptional.



Woman knocked unconscious and four others injured in unprovoked assault outside a Fallowfield bar

A woman was knocked unconscious and two others suffered horrific facial injuries at the hands of four men in Manchester’s student district.

The thugs set upon the three women along with two male friends in a taxi outside Baa Baa in Fallowfield.

Two of the women suffered broken jaws while another was left with a broken nose.

Police believe the offenders were drunk and angry after being turned away from Baa Baa, on Wilmslow Road, in the early hours of Saturday.

Five revellers were about to set off in the taxi near the venue at around 3am when several offenders got in and demanded to be taken somewhere.

When the group inside refused, telling the men that they had ordered the cab, the gang became abusive and threatening.

One of them assaulted one of the women inside the taxi, knocking her unconscious.

When her friends tried to intervene, they were all attacked before the offenders fled down Wilbraham Road.

One of the offenders also picked up a metal post and smashed a window.

Detectives said that five people were assaulted overall - three women and two men.

One woman suffered a broken jaw and extensive swelling to her face, another suffered a broken nose and a third had a suspected broken jaw. The two men suffered cuts.

The offenders are described as two white men aged in their early to mid 20s and two black men in their mid to late 20s.

Detective Sergeant Gareth Davies, said: “Most probably spurred on by drink and not being allowed entry to Baa Baa the offenders have indiscriminately assaulted five innocent people.

"Three of them – all women – have suffered particularly nasty injuries. Grown men attacking women with such violence and in such an unprovoked manner is particularly unpalatable and a completely cowardly act and we are working hard to identify the men responsible.

“I want to reassure the public that we are following a number of lines of enquiry but if anyone has any information that can help our investigation we would be keen to hear from you.”

Anyone with information about the attack should call police on 0161 856 4423, or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.


# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 24/02/2014, 15:51 (GMT)

Wankers. Hope they get what they deserve.

# Posted by UkePunk - 24/02/2014, 16:23 (GMT)

Bastards. Just been reading about this on MEN site. Hope your daughter is ok mate and I truly hope they catch these cowards.

# Posted by SpiRock - 24/02/2014, 16:31 (GMT)

Sorry to hear that...I feel for you mate, could beeen my daughter or son....

# Posted by Stone Mile - 24/02/2014, 16:51 (GMT)

Thats horrendous Shep - hope they get caught. There must be quite a bit of CCTV in that area - the cops should be reviewing that - you never know they could have been cuaght on camera


# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 24/02/2014, 17:22 (GMT)

Cowardly Bastards - Hope they get them soon. Wishing your daughter and her Friends a speedy recovery.


# Posted by Shep - 24/02/2014, 19:05 (GMT)


thanks for your kind words. The case is with the police and they're trailing through CCTV so fingers crossed.

All the very best


# Posted by Alfie Ibbotsons Popular Beat C... - 24/02/2014, 20:13 (GMT)

Shocking..... My nephew was attacked a few years ago and the guys who did it were caught later on CCTV.

# Posted by Fanny Oakley - 24/02/2014, 21:10 (GMT)

love and best wishes for a speedy recovery x

# Posted by STRANGEWAYS - THE BEST OF CLAS... - 25/02/2014, 00:23 (GMT)

Cowardly scum.
Hope the victims can get over it.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 25/02/2014, 01:22 (GMT)

Throw away the key! Scum.

Best wishes and get well soon to all the victims.

# Posted by Trinity - 26/02/2014, 12:46 (GMT)

Shit Shep!
I hope your daughter is OK.
It's upsetting though isn't it?

I hope they find them, you just wish that when they do that they offer you a chance to be in a locked room with them, see how fucking brave they are then?

Give her my regards mate.


# Posted by Shep - 26/02/2014, 13:02 (GMT)

Hiya John

If only eh mate!

I will pass on your comments - she has read them and those from everyone on here and she was made up. Thanks to you and everyone for the words of support.

All the best - I'll be coming to see you again soon so keep me posted mate.


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