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Blood Brothers

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Posted By : Tex's bassbitch | Comments : 9

in my humble opinion

Had a stroll down to the Fleece, my local, last night to have a squint at this band. Iron Maiden really isn't my thing at all and to be honest I only knew about 6 or 7 of the songs.

Well these lads were fab. Stayed the whole night.

They can all play well, the vocalist is very very good and they have proper shit hot harmonies, and that makes a hell of a difference. Loads of energy and thoroughly entertaining. Spoke to quite a few local muso's and they all thought the same. The crowd absolutely loved it.

The two highlights for me were Phantom of the Opera which was nailed perfectly and on the one and only occasion that the singer needed a crib sheet on the floor to get him through the lyrics the guitarist put his his foot over it to f**k him up, outstanding, my kind of band mate.

Even if, like me, Iron Maiden isn't your thing these guys are a joy to watch. If Iron Maiden is your bag then you're in for a real treat. Best band I've seen in ages.

Well done lads, very well done indeed.



# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 06/07/2013, 12:23 (GMT)

Cheers Les it was great to meet you and we all had a blast.
Great venue with a super stage area and also more women than most venues......nice.
Got some more dates there so hope to see you there again playing some air bass.

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 06/07/2013, 12:36 (GMT)

Very good, very good indeed ! Bravo........

# Posted by G-IT-22 - 06/07/2013, 12:39 (GMT)

Great gig last nite .....good sound n very well played (tho UlaUla Andy said Drums weren't loud enuff ... but then he always does ..;-) ) .
I suppose to echo comments above ..mb a few more 'hits' in the set as its yr 1st time round the circuit playing to a mixed audience ..other than that .!!!!! Catch u soon

PS ...see I didn't mention the 'monitor' incident !!!

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 06/07/2013, 12:44 (GMT)

Cheers Gaz

# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 06/07/2013, 12:45 (GMT)

Best not mention it eh Ian
Great to see you

# Posted by thE gEmiNi mAn - aN eNiGmA - 06/07/2013, 22:29 (GMT)

Put a medley together - set to Hd

Went to watch Blood Brothers tribute to Iron Maiden last night at The Fleece in Ashton-In – Makerfield and was absolutely astounded by their authenticity , talent and musicianship .

They certainly know how to put a show on with sensational gear, stunning backdrop and pure love for what they do . The audience was ecstatic and the Fleece was absolutely bouncing to the rafters .

One incredible anthem after another keeping the audience on their toes , getting them involved and making it a night to remember .

I’m not really a Rock/Metal fan but could appreciate how good these guys are and thoroughly enjoyed myself along with the rest of the crowd .

To say they were awesome is an understatement .

Solid drumming , lots of savoury guitar solos and licks -=, pulsating bass and raunchy rock vocals .

Great show !

# Posted by STRANGEWAYS - THE BEST OF CLAS... - 07/07/2013, 10:14 (GMT)

Great stuff G Man

# Posted by thE gEmiNi mAn - aN eNiGmA - 07/07/2013, 18:25 (GMT)

Latest includes Powerslave.- different medley

even learning the titles !


# Posted by Back in Black ACDC Tribute - 07/07/2013, 18:44 (GMT)

Cheers G man

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