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NWB Showcase 2013

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Posted By : mr.nwb | Comments : 26

Been a while since we've had one - Who's up for it?

Howdy NWB'ers

Just realised its been 4 years since the last NWB showcase (Pheasant Pluckers).

And just like the World Cup - I think it's now time to get something pencilled in for 2013.

We need...

1) A Venue
2) A Back-line
3) Drum Kit, Amps, Lights,
4) A Banner

I'd like to do something slightly different for this showcase, to get as many people involved as possible. Something I think, which hasnt been done before, but something I think us NWB'ers could pull off, if we get our sh!t together.

I'll reveal the idea, once we have a Venue in place!

How's about it ?


# Posted by MICK NASH - 31/05/2013, 17:23 (GMT)

Deal me in, didn't make the last one 'cause I was gigging but it'd be a great opportunity to put names to faces etc.

# Posted by Asa - 31/05/2013, 17:39 (GMT)

I'm in (subject to availability)

# Posted by JamesXP - 31/05/2013, 18:20 (GMT)

Sounds cool!

# Posted by bass guitar - 31/05/2013, 19:10 (GMT)

i wouldnt mind :

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 31/05/2013, 19:12 (GMT)

..deep breath...
caveat first - doing a show with multiple bands can be bloody hard work, especially if quality is to be maintained. too many bands can be a mistake tho changing stage hands and engineers can help.
that said..another deep breath....i'm prepared to make our services available, subject to diary. Andy Prince may be prevailed on to help with gear and engineering expertise.
we have basic back line and drum kit (sonor and premier kits) but in my experience providing a back line for quality bands is of limited value, since most guitarists and bass players like to use their own gear and settings.
Obviously lots of details to sort to stop it descending into anarchy (which is whey we don't often do multiple events) but happy to pitch in with planning once we know what we are into.

# Posted by [mark] Into The Void - 31/05/2013, 19:36 (GMT)

think we would be up for that

# Posted by Mark L - 31/05/2013, 19:38 (GMT)

I'll do the cress butties

# Posted by Shotgun Sunday - 31/05/2013, 20:34 (GMT)

Sounds good to me. Diary permitting we'd be well up for this.


# Posted by JCartysRoadie - 31/05/2013, 21:11 (GMT)

later in year after holiday period and outdoor charity gigs season is over, might be best. Kinda thinking october november time.

# Posted by mr.nwb - 31/05/2013, 21:15 (GMT)

It's only a glorified gig - not a festival as such.

# Posted by Steve Slinger - 31/05/2013, 22:45 (GMT)

I'm in mate.
Give me a shout if you need any help.

# Posted by wheatsheaf - 01/06/2013, 13:36 (GMT)

i could sort out all your needs .

# Posted by Trinity - 01/06/2013, 17:16 (GMT)

Sounds Great,
Count us in!


# Posted by Rumble Fat Band - 02/06/2013, 02:46 (GMT)

We were gigging tonight so mentioned it to Dave and Steve, (Hunters Lodge, Pheasant Pluckers), and they are happy to host it again.

# Posted by Graham - Mustard - 02/06/2013, 21:35 (GMT)

Sounds like a plan :-)

# Posted by LAST GANG IN TOWN - 03/06/2013, 21:08 (GMT)

Sounds like a good idea...
We'd offer to get involved as long as it's not just an arse kissing contest...

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 04/06/2013, 19:45 (GMT)

Sounds good !!

# Posted by Ace (Red Zoo) - 05/06/2013, 15:57 (GMT)

count me in Paul, so long as you do all the work!!!!


# Posted by Carillon Video - 05/06/2013, 17:37 (GMT)

Hi all!

I'd be up for it.... Digi desk, dual video camera setup, big PA, some cool lights. I'm not doing no pub thing though. If you're doing it, it needs to be a big venue with 300+ audience minimum, £20.00 a ticket or something like that.

If someone can give me an indication on the numbers, I could put something together:

1. How many bands?
2. How long would each band want / be expected to do?
3. How much would each band want paying?
4. How much would people be willing to pay for a ticket?

I'd working it something like this:

- I hire the venue.
- I will sort the food.
- I will do the promotion.
- I will sell the tickets.
- I will hire the PA.
- I will sort the sound and lights etc.
- I charge the bands £100.00 to play.
- Tickets are £20.00 each.
- I pay each band 20 tickets which they can sell for whatever they want, to whoever they want.
- Run it from say 2.00pm until midnight.

I'm basically thinking an NWB Live Aid type thing. Might be a bit awkward with the set lists though. I cannot see the audience wanting Sex On Fire 10 times. :-)

Kind regards, A.

# Posted by STRANGEWAYS - THE BEST OF CLAS... - 28/06/2013, 11:12 (GMT)

Sure Shelley at The Avenue in Leigh is worth talking to as possible venue.
Pretty central location in nwb land.
(and within staggering distance for me)

# Posted by Geph Kickass - 22/07/2013, 18:37 (GMT)

The best multi band bash I did was at Castlefield, one band setting up their gear stage left, 1 band playing on the stage and one band de-rigging stage right, three guys helped move the gear off and on, it was between 10 and 15 mins between bands... 45 min set, 1 band per hour, it ran as smooth as a smooth thing.

# Posted by Works for us - 05/08/2013, 14:28 (GMT)

put us down for it

# Posted by Mutha Luvin Chimps - 06/08/2013, 15:01 (GMT)

MLC would love to play and bring their own type of music to everyone

# Posted by The Cheating Hearts - 06/08/2013, 15:54 (GMT)

Sounds great. I'm sure we'd be up for it so long as it ain't on a Saturday


# Posted by The Cheating Hearts - 06/08/2013, 15:55 (GMT)

Although a Saturday afternoon might be ok...


# Posted by Swinton Royal British Legion - 17/08/2013, 14:42 (GMT)

Venue available free - Main room suitable for 250+ and balcony for VIP area 60+ including private bar. Full Stage with 1400W+ PA and small lighting rig included,
Feel free to contact or pop down and see us at
Swinton Legion
Cheetham Road, Manchester
M27 4UQ

Keith Leigh

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