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80s revival - Suggestions please :-)

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Posted By : Andy Mack | Comments : 5

I am doing an 80 "revival" on Saturday- need some song suggestions to do Acoustic versions

Got in all the Hits- all the cheese and all the hair metal I can think of.... Spandau, Wham, Rick Astley, Duran Duran, Madonna, Poison, KISS, Whitesnake, more Bon Jovi than you can shake a stike at, Europe, Kylie - there is an awful lot to choose from but alot is awful- got about 100 tracks to slim down could always do with more :-)

Done a suggestions box of Facebook and Twitter (@andymackguitar) always want more in my repertoire- Friday all day practice :-)

So please make your suggestions and if there is a you tube link to an acoustic version of an 80s classic feel free to post


# Posted by WAGONTOWN - 01/05/2013, 11:11 (GMT)

Kinell , looking at your songlist, do ya need any more.?


# Posted by THE STAN'S - 01/05/2013, 11:12 (GMT)

# Posted by Andy Mack - 01/05/2013, 11:45 (GMT)

I like to do requests Tel- will try any song within reason to please punters (and landlords) especally if its a young lady punter- - love having the huge varied repertoire -

some good uns there Donna- Jack and Diane - Jessies Girl- will have a look at them at home later :-)

# Posted by Tony @ Interfuture - 01/05/2013, 16:33 (GMT)


Check out Peter Last (An Aussie Guy) on youtube... he does a few 80's songs that you wouldnt immediatly think of doing.. (But then again, knowing you !?!?!?!?)

Take you a while to go thru his stuff as alot of vids are duplicated with better versions and a few tutorials too..


# Posted by Andy Mack - 01/05/2013, 21:10 (GMT)

Beltin Tony

Just learned another Smiths ..... Still rubbish but got nearly three Smiths in repertoire :-)

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