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Tribute band ticket prices

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Posted By : John Wilkinson: | Comments : 63

Serious question so serious answers please

Hi all.

Not that this applies to Mama but....................

I see that Aussie Floyd (Pink Floyd) and The Musical Box (Genesis) are charging upwards of £45 to go and see one of their shows on their latest tour.

Both these bands are pro outfits with massive production values and only play in 2000 seater plus venues drawing big crowds.

They both re-create the sights and sounds of both Floyd and Genesis exactly and have both been going for years.

Two questions:

1: Would you pay that kind of cash to see a tribute band to your favourite band?

2: If not what is the most you would consider paying to watch such a show?

Just interested to see what everyone else thinks....

Best wishes



# Posted by Viva la Coldplay - 20/03/2013, 10:18 (GMT)

I'd say a tenner at the most John.. But that's my own opinion!


# Posted by Asa - 20/03/2013, 10:19 (GMT)

This is the question on the very tip of my tongue at this moment in time. I'm looking forward to the responses.

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 10:23 (GMT)


If a Rush tribute came out with their production values of sound and lighting, and if they were playing the Rush songs you know and love note for note. Their "Geddy" sounds like the man himself and they were on at The Empire.....

Still a tenner?

Not being funny matey just wondering.

Best wishes


# Posted by Synthy Mike - 20/03/2013, 10:32 (GMT)

It's a good question John! The problem I have is even with lavish amazing Australian Pink Floyd shows, it isn't the Floyd. They might match it note for note but fundamentally it's not the same musicians. I know we'll never get to see the Floyd live again but it's still way too much what they're charging. Maybe that's because the visuals aren't that important to me really?

I'd probably share Shaun's shout, a tenner for a tribute act. For the actual original artists, I think the absolute upper, upper limit I'll pay is £60 and I'm really loathed to pay that... Depeche Mode. Anything over £30 feels like I'm being fleeced by the band I love.

# Posted by VANKWISH - 20/03/2013, 10:35 (GMT)

I dont like paying to see bands. no way would I pay to watch a normal covers band, so I aint gonna pay to see a tribute.

if it was a mini fest or something along those lines, I may pay a fiver.

# Posted by Scottyboy Black Rose - 20/03/2013, 11:01 (GMT)

Apart from the fact we're gigging that night, so I can't go anyway, I would have had no hesitation whatsoever in stumping up the cash to see the Aussie Floyd Jodrel bank show in June. Honestly though I don't think I'd pay that sort of money to see them, or any other tribute band that weren't doing something that I would perceive as 'special' (which I think the Jodrel bank show will be!)

On the other hand I've paid this kinda money 6 or 7 times to see Guns N' Roses (which a lot of people would consider to be a tribute band!)


# Posted by Kincaid & Co. - 20/03/2013, 11:09 (GMT)

I wonder how much it cost to put the Floyd tribute show on at the MEN arena last month? A pal of mine went and was totally blown away by the the whole thing. He actually said he'd pay double what he paid to see them again. And Peter Gilmore actually said they play Floyd better than Floyd ever played Floyd.

It costs a fortune to stage a show like the Floyd tribute staged and how many discussions have we seen on here concerning how much it costs to put on even a small gig and how much a band gets paid?

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 20/03/2013, 11:11 (GMT)

I wouldn't pay £45 to see the Oz Floyd. Fleetwood Back (or something like that) are playing in Blackburn soon and the tickets are £17 and people in this area are saying that it is too much.

Tributes are not my thing although I'd never rule out going to see one. Years ago we supported The Backbeat Beatles and they were awesome. I am now dissappointed at not to being able to see Stillmarillion at one of their Bolton gigs.

Therefore, IF I really wanted to see a tribute then I think that a tenner would be about right and I pay large amounts of money every year going to gigs and festivals. I agree with Synthy Mike - The problem I have with the Oz Floyd is that they aren't Floyd. I would pay a lot of money to see Floyd though.

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 11:25 (GMT)


Fleetwood Bac are superb matey and well worth that. Shame you didn't get to see StillMarrillion at their Bolton gig as they were stunning. There is a clip of them live on our website though just to show you what you missed.


@ Kincaid & Co.

To put such a production on such as Brit Floyd at MEN it would have cost around 30K by my estimate.

Best wishes


# Posted by THE POWER 3 - 20/03/2013, 11:33 (GMT)

If we really want to be authentic about the tribute thing, going back in time, recreating the vibe, how about charging the door price from way back to that era, say £1.50. Now there's a thought. Lol
They'd have to drop the prices at the bar as well.
But seriously £10/£15 tops, Nearly Dan was my last tribute gig and they were 'ok'.

# Posted by Ian AV Engineer - 20/03/2013, 11:43 (GMT)

I think £10-£15 is about right.

If your a massive fan of any artist, the tribute to said artist, would have to be spot on to justify the £45 ticket price, only so you dont feel disappointed.

Personally I prefer to watch the real thing, I have great memories of bands ive seen, to be added to on Monday when I go to see Biffy Clyro.

# Posted by Jeepster Gaz ( RailerMania ) - 20/03/2013, 11:47 (GMT)

Yes.......I would pay that kind of money to see Aussie Floyd. I paid £38 to see them at the M.E.N..

They are the nearest thing to floyd you are gonna get. I think a tribute band, to a band, that no longer exists deserves to command a good ticket price especially at this Calibre.
Also, Tribute bands that play around the pubs deserve to get a good door price in my opinion.

Its hard work being in a band as we all know and I feel its harder in a Tribute band because it has got to be very precise and Authentic. That takes a lot of dedication and funding. ( yes yes yes, I know that can be said for all bands )

If I was a big fan of Genesis, Yes Id pay it for that to.

Jeepster Gaz

# Posted by Ian AV Engineer - 20/03/2013, 11:47 (GMT)

Just to add, what Best of Foo, Re-Muse and Arctic Numpties did last week was a fantastic idea, if another show is put on ill be there to support you.

# Posted by 2 Minutes 2 Maiden (1980-1992 ... - 20/03/2013, 11:51 (GMT)

I'd say a tenner as you can see some quite big named bands from around 18.50 in small venues.
Maybe go to 15 if it was a full rock night with a disco or other entertainment included etc or australian floyd stature etc. for £45 id see who was on at the arena being themselves.

# Posted by jmc - 20/03/2013, 11:56 (GMT)

£8.00 would be my limit, I couldn't go to a tenner for that.

If they do, how much of their fee do they pay to the original band?

# Posted by 2 Minutes 2 Maiden (1980-1992 ... - 20/03/2013, 11:59 (GMT)

This is true haha, if/when we do ticketed it would be 5-6 quid to get people in and seems to be the going rate.

# Posted by Nick (Catch Afters) - 20/03/2013, 12:04 (GMT)

Depends John, if it’s a venue/theatre then I would be willing to pay up to £30 (Think that’s about what we paid to see Limehouse Lizzy and Livewire ) as long as the production is of good quality. Pubs however are a different story, while I understand they also have running costs to meet I personally don’t think they can offer the same environment as a theatre. That being said there are some excellent bands about in pubs but when I think I have seen the likes of Catdog, Last Gang In Town and Metaleeka for free then I would say a door charge of £5 would be my limit.

# Posted by Steve Blease - 20/03/2013, 12:06 (GMT)

£45 for a tribute band is way beyond reasonable. I couldn't give toss how much production goes into it. Why don't they go the whole hog and ask for royalties from the records on the grounds that they are the ones still keeping the name alive?

This is as bad as those bands that go out with no original members of the band in them but still call themselves The Animals or whatever other bands do that, it's just ridiculous. £10.00, £12.50 max is way more than enough, and if that don't cover your costs, cut the damn show down. Jesus.... you ain't rockstars you're copy artists.

# Posted by Jez - 20/03/2013, 12:10 (GMT)

£10 max in a theatre type venue, less in a pub!
Other factors come in as well. If they play nearby at pub A for free, am I going to pay £5 to see them in pub B?
With regards to the "big" tribute acts, I'd have to go with the "it's not really them" angle.
The multiple band/mini fest option is an attractive option.

# Posted by The Dawg - 20/03/2013, 12:20 (GMT)

I would never go and see a Tibute band end of (no offence) but do not mind paying to watch an up and coming band.

I would occasionally pay to see a covers band just to support the cause, i,e, live music or a charity etc.

# Posted by Carillon Video - 20/03/2013, 12:22 (GMT)

Interesting reading all the comments here.

It looks to me like musicians generally don't like paying much money at all the see a tribute band in action. Yet we all know that TAPFS and Brit Floyd can command audiences of 4,000+ in arenas and 2,000+ in large theatres. So it's not a general population thing. It's a musician thing. Would it be fair to say that musicians view live music differently to the general public? It looks that way to me.

TCS - we have StillMarillion in Hindley (Monaco Ballroom) on the 30th, which is Easter Saturday. Details here:


I've seen both TAPFS and Brit Floyd several times. I'm not sure if I remember the prices correctly but the last one was at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester and I think I paid £27.50 a ticket. No doubt there was a booking fee on top of that. I thought it was great value for money. I never got to see the real Floyd and like others, I'd probably pay a lot to do so. I've recently bought tickets for The Who at £80.00 just because they are one of those bands one has to see live at some point in their lives. Time may be running out. But I'll admit to only knowing four of their songs.

At the end of the day, to me it's not about whether the tribute band are the real musicians or not. I rate shows purely on their entertainment value. The big Floyd tributes entertain me using scale, great musicianship and spectacle. The pub bands entertain me with classic rock or unusual tracks. Sometimes they entertain me because they are dire. If I feel like I have got value for money then I go back. If not, I don't. Every band is different. Every show offers a different type and amount of entertainment. Every price should probably be different.

# Posted by Arctic Numpties - Arctic Monke... - 20/03/2013, 12:34 (GMT)

john, great blog. youre a real credit to this site. always level headed blogs and well informed responses especially for us at the moment, your like my tribute guru. so thanks is what im trying to say!

personally, there are few "proper" bands that id pay £45 to go and see. the only bands ive paid that much for were oasis and the arctics (obviously) and even then i considered it to be on the steep side.

i see the value of a tribute act, moreso if the band being paid tribute to ISNT touring/together anymore but i think £45 is too steep. however if theyre selling out 2000 seater arena fucking well played.

our ace centre gig was £7.50 which i thought was superb value. personally id have happilly paid double that to see those three bands. i was concerned before hand that the ticket price wouldve been too much for round our way but the show on the night was well worth it to be fair.

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 20/03/2013, 12:41 (GMT)

i think a lot of comments here are out of step with the reality of ticket prices.
We saw Fleetwood Bac last weekend at Lowther, ticket price £17 each, venue capacity 450 ish, actual head count somewhere in the region of 300+. so a tribute band is pulling a decent crowd at £15 a head - and to be honest having worked a Mama show and having watched Fleetwood Bac, i think the latter put on less of a show, having used the house lighting tech and house sound tech - they could have made much more of a light show and there was no merchandising available. they did say at the closing of the show - 'we will be in the bar shortly if anyone wants to come and say hello'..lots did and they were queuing up to have their photo taken with the band.
We caught the illegal eagles at the guild hall Preston a while ago and form memory that was £25 ish a ticket from memory. venue capacity 2,000 ish, actual audience head count about 350 to 400. again venue lighting tech with minimal lighting. venue PA but their own crew - guitar tech, monitor engineer and FOH engineer. merchandising staffed too and that was available in the foyer.
the take home lesson is that irrelevant of what folk on NWB may think there is now a proven business model and a market for a quality tribute acts - particularly for those from the 70's where the original performer no longer tours or tours infrequently. i would much rather spend the night watching say fleetwood bac than some dodgy pub band knocking out 'sex on fire'
I certainly think fleetwood back and Talon are good models to hold up for routine tributes as distinct from the aussie pink floyd show - which is on another level.
i also know that friends Next Stop Atlanta and Me vs Hero - both unsigned - are getting venues filled across the country and overseas at £15 a ticket for them and support (or a double header). similar ticket prices to the above and with very healthy merchandising and direct mp3 sales spinning off from live performances.
bottom line - £15 is fine for a 400 capacity venue and the fleetwood bac model shows that. merchandising done well can help considerably in that capacity venue. adding value to a show matters at this price point. and NWB is the wrong place to take a straw pole - musicians do not make up the majority of the tribute band audience. or indeed any audience. right question, wrong place.

# Posted by Arctic Numpties - Arctic Monke... - 20/03/2013, 12:45 (GMT)

"the take home lesson is that irrelevant of what folk on NWB may think there is now a proven business model and a market for a quality tribute acts"

howard you are a legend

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 12:53 (GMT)

@ Artic Numpties

"john, great blog. youre a real credit to this site. always level headed blogs and well informed responses especially for us at the moment, your like my tribute guru. so thanks is what im trying to say! "

Many thanks for your kind words. Not a guru really just 14 years of experience in this game ;-)

Looks like half and half split then in truth.

I am not refering to tribute bands who play local pubs here or indeed even us in Mama at the moment. I mean the really big ones such as APF and even Bootleg Beatles, Talon, Limehouse Lizzy etc.

Best wishes


# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 13:05 (GMT)

To answer my own question here.

I would pay up to £45 to see someone like Brit/Aussie/Whatevertheycallthemselvesthesedays Floyd and The Musical Box if they put on a great show.

If you look at the recent War Of The Worlds tour, not ONE original cast member was in it......

......... and I still paid £135 for two tickets and loved it.

Different I know but principle is the same.

Best wishes


# Posted by ThatDawnOne - 20/03/2013, 13:11 (GMT)

I think we paid £15 a head to watch The Works at Colne Muni a few years ago, which was well worth the money. Their set was based on the Wembley '86 gig and Gary Mullen was fantastic as Freddie Mercury. I'd pay more than that to see them again.

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 20/03/2013, 13:16 (GMT)

War of the Worlds is not that different John - there is a direct parallel between theatre tickets, concert tickets and cinema tickets. and that is the marker - a tribute band (and any band) is competing with those audiences to provide a quality night out.
you would do better to stand on the corner outside the opera house or the cinema to take a straw pole - people pay to see EVERY band - a tenner behind the bar or a tenner at the box office. but precious few here see the parallel in the way that the general public do. Joe public makes that decision every weekend - do i go to the pub, do i go to the theatre or do i go to the cinema (or football match, day at the races etc.).

# Posted by Carillon Video - 20/03/2013, 13:38 (GMT)

So now we got that out of the way, why might you be asking such questions JW? :-)

Kind regards, Andrew.

# Posted by Krazy KnIghtSS (KISS Tribute) - 20/03/2013, 13:41 (GMT)

The door charge for our Moses Gate gig was £45 with and instant £38 refund ;-) x

# Posted by Krazy KnIghtSS (KISS Tribute) - 20/03/2013, 13:42 (GMT)

Another classic blog from our Wilky, where do you come up with them?

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 13:47 (GMT)

@ Gazza..... LOL great response, and I get them from old cornflake packets. You spelt my nickname right as well ;-)

Just thinking our loud really guys. As always I am always keen to try and encourage discussion here rather than usual gig adverts and such. Obviously being in a tribute band myself I find myself speculating on such things having a little knowledge of what it costs to put a production of that scale on based on what Mama does on a smaller scale....so far ;-)

Glad people are enjoying the blog though.

Best wishes


# Posted by VANKWISH - 20/03/2013, 13:53 (GMT)

would you pay £20-£30 to watch a good covers band? that's all it is, only covering one act instead of 30+ acts?

the cost of the show could be the same.

# Posted by Gaz - Magrathea - SheRox - 20/03/2013, 15:06 (GMT)

Some of these tribute bands should concentrate on writing their OWN music I say.

Have not seen Mama live but from the videos they come across really well.

As far as some other tributes go........and I saw one recently, they leave a lot to be desired from my viewpoint' Most tributes make me cringe a bit to be honest, but only usually If they are actually trying to 'act' like them in every sense. I like Mama because they just play the music and don't dress up.

Most 'fans' from the general public do not see the music the way some of 'us' do, so they are prepared to pay this kind of money and good luck to them, each to their own I say.

Personally, I don't like paying more than a fiver at 'pub' size gigs, If it's a theater, I would maybe stretch to a tenner, anything bigger, like the ones JW was talking about, I would not go beyond £20.

For me, it doesn't matter how much they look alike or sound technically perfect, audio and visually wise. It still isn't 'them' It doesn't matter how perfect you play the songs, they will never have that 'feeling' of the originals. Even If the songs are played better than the original artists!

So this is therefore why I wouldn't pay those high prices.

To put this into perspective, Our band won't get paid a penny most of the time just because we play our own music.

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 15:09 (GMT)


I wouldn't do that myself but bear in mind what I asked.

Would you pay that kind of cash to see a tribute band to your FAVOURITE band?

On that point:

People did pay £25-£35 to see The Classic Rock Show which are basically a HUGE covers band playing classic rock covers. They had a massive production including lazers etc and sold out large venues. Interstingly they are basically Brit Floyd who tour with this show.

Here is their website


Best wishes


# Posted by Scottyboy Black Rose - 20/03/2013, 15:19 (GMT)

@John, beat me to it, I was going to say about the classic rock show,

Also, what about lets say 'rock of ages' basically an 80's hair metal tribute show (I know it's slightly different in that it's theatre, but it's not in the same vein as 'We Will Rock You' it is basically a hair metal gig right?)

# Posted by Brass Routes - 20/03/2013, 15:30 (GMT)

It's an interesting point - should tributes who are raking money in with inflated ticket prices and sometimes even cds and dvds of their live show contribute royalties to the original band without whom...or does a tribute band actually increase back catalogue sales of albums by the original artiste anyway?
Personally I think the price charged by the likes of the Railway and the Moses Gate ie £7 is about right for an excellent tribute band (thinking Roxy Magic/Manc Floyd etc here). I'd probably pay £15 to watch a real top notch band with full show etc. There are some that just aren't up to scratch (thinking of a Bowie trib I saw at the Wichwood a couple of years ago where 'Bowie's vocals were dire and he kept to the same wig throughout the different eras.) A Prince tribute (think they were 'Purple Reign') I saw at the Railway I have to say were awsome even down to the 'Prince' styled guitars - would possibly pay £15 to see them again..

# Posted by Carillon Video - 20/03/2013, 15:30 (GMT)

I may need to be corrected here but I think that The Classic Rock Show also used to be The Australian Pink Floyd Show when they toured outside of the UK or Europe, such as in the USA.

The reason this happened is because most of the Aussies didn't want to go on world tours, so the promoter who funded their rise to great heights in the tribute business brought other musicians in.

When you now look at the situation, Chas Cole (the promoter) is backing Brit Floyd. Damian Darlington is their MD and he used to be the MD in TAPFS. It doesn't take a genius to work out what happened.

Probably Damian Darlington wanted to tour. His mates did not. The promoter had ploughed a reputed million quid into it, so they split. The promoter brought their alternatives in. Damian Darlington went with them and everyone is happy. Probably. Maybe.

But, maybe we are looking at this question the wrong way around? Why don't we reverse it? Are there any good tribute bands or covers bands out there that play weddings or corporates? Expensive bands? How much do YOU insist your clients pay you for the privilege of entertaining their guests? If you're charging £2,000.00+ and playing to 100 people then you're effectively charging £20.00 a ticket. I know LOTS of covers bands, and solo artists (not tributes) that do THAT!

Or how about branching out slightly away from music shows? How about a 24 night tour that stays in one venue say, Manchester Arena and sells out all 24 nights? Maybe we could call it "The Tour That Didn't Tour, Tour?" Zero original content BTW.

Kind regards, Andrew.

# Posted by Carillon Video - 20/03/2013, 15:45 (GMT)

@Brass Routes,

I'm pretty sure that Brit Floyd pay a license fee to the original band / company for use of their original props, inflatables and films. I have seen them use giant inflatable pigs and the original concert video projection for the track, Division Bell (or whatever it's called). They couldn't get away with doing that at such scale otherwise. I doubt very much that Pink Floyd Management turn a blind eye to such piracy and theft. Then there is all the art and logos they use and alter for their merchandise. Definitely got to be a licensing deal in there somewhere. The music performance on the other hand would be covered by a standard PRS license. Obviously a standard PRS licence for an arena costs a tad more than it does for a pub or small live music venue.

I can however confirm that tribute bands DO increase the sales of the original band. I myself saw StillMarillion at Moses Gate a few years ago. They performed the whole of the Misplaced Childhood album. When I got home, I purchased said album on iTunes. I am living proof of this concept. :-)

I've heard Roxy Magic are brilliant but I've never seen them. I'm not a Roxy fan so I probably never will. Manc Floyd are one of the other bands performing with Mama on Easter Saturday. I priced the tickets for that show loosely based on what these bands charge in venues like Moses Gate. Both Manc Floyd and StillMarillion charge 7 or 8 quid in those venues. Mama charge 9 quid. Put the three bands together in Moses Gate (or The Railway or Bottom Bull or Roundhouse) and you've got 24 quid. Add a light show that you wouldn't get in Moses Gate. Add a big sound that you wouldn't get. Double or triple the audience size to create a bigger atmosphere and present 4.5 hours of music to prog fans.... How much would you pay for that?

Kind regards, Andrew.

# Posted by VANKWISH - 20/03/2013, 16:04 (GMT)

yea. got that John, and I answered very early on in the blog.


# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 20/03/2013, 16:33 (GMT)

It seems to me that a lot of musicians do not wish to pay to see a tribute band so I would like to hear from more NON musicians. As a member of the latter I would gladly pay up to £40.00 to see a top class Queen / Bowie show - I would probably pay up to £25.00 to see what I considered to be tributes to lesser artist's - I would quite happily pay a fiver on a club door to see what I consider to be the top bands from NWB land. I would also pay £80 - £100 to watch someone like Rod Stewart because having seen him before I know that he puts on a superb Live show with fantastic supporting artist's. If you break it down to time spent on stage that particular show costs you about £20.00 per hour or less At the risk of being strung up by the nads it would seem that the people who are in the best position to fully appreciate what goes into each Trib / Covers / Professional show - The musicians ( who also happen to be the ones who get paid to put on their own show ) - are the ones who would wish to pay least to see others perform.

Hmmmm Food for thought.


# Posted by Carillon Video - 20/03/2013, 16:47 (GMT)

And to think, I was in GB's not 20 hours ago having dropped gig flyers into every takeaway on Hindley high street! There's a lot of them and they're all named after gangsters! Scary. :-)

I have another take on this 'musician versus public opinion on ticket prices' thing. Perhaps musicians get their rocks off performing, rather than watching? If so, would it be fair to say that a £10.00 gig is worth less to a musician in terms of entertainment factor than to a member of the public who can only watch and not partake?

Kind regards, Andrew.

# Posted by GEORGIA BROWNS - 20/03/2013, 17:02 (GMT)

@ Andrew - Carillon Video

I think maybe you are right Andrew - But should'nt they be the ones who appreciate most what actually goes into the show i.e Promotion - Set Up - Break down - Organising. Whereas the punter only appreciates the music/performer.


# Posted by THE STORIES ,The very best! of... - 20/03/2013, 17:07 (GMT)

Would i ? would i f..k ! But i would pay £10 as there are some fantastic tribute bands out there & most dont get the recognition they deserve ,i saw WHOS"S NEXT ? last year & was blown away .
This is a bit of footage from the same gig .

# Posted by Carillon Video - 20/03/2013, 17:49 (GMT)

@ GB's

I'm still perfecting my theory.... Hmm, okay how about this?

As a Genesis fan and member of the public living in Bolton, would I buy a ticket to see Mama in Grimsby? Probably not.

On the other hand, as a sound engineer, would I spend 70 quid on fuel, drive to Yardbirds in Grimsby, spend 10 hours putting the show up, doing it and tearing it down then stay overnight in a hotel for 50 quid? Well yes. That's what I did.

The fact is, I get far more enjoyment out of being involved, spending time with my friends and putting on a show than I do watching Mama as a punter. My perception is that doing the gig last weekend was worth more than 120 quid, 36 hours away from home and a lot of physical and mental hard work. Otherwise, I would have stayed at home.

The entertainment value one gets from doing something has to equal or exceed the perceived monetary value in order for someone to buy a ticket. The punters pay a tenner. I pay 120 quid plus 36 hours 'work'. I use the quotes very specifically. There aren't many things in life I would happily do for free or at a cost to me.

@ Stories

Thanks for the video - I now realise I know FIVE Who songs. :-) I've seen Who's Next before a couple of times. The video doesn't do them justice but then, video rarely does. They rock the place every time!

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 20/03/2013, 18:21 (GMT)

£45 isn't over-priced when you consider the scale of Aussie's show, compared with some other big-audio/visual production 'arena' shows. There's obviously enough people out there willing to pay that sort of money to get their fix of the music they love - especially if the original band are no longer. If they see value in it then it's up to them where they spend their cash. If the real Pink Floyd announced live dates tomorrow we'd be having the same discussion about their ticket prices....what ya reckon £150+?


# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 18:23 (GMT)

Easy £150 plus ;)
Best wishes

# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 20/03/2013, 18:52 (GMT)

The scopyons have invested a fortune on equipment , leaflets ,banners , outfits and publicity to be as authentic as possible. There is no way I could use my classic rock rig with the scopyons , we charge on the door of course a fee that reflect the fact we have made considerable investment and spent a lot of time being as accurate as possible believe me we ain't going out for two hundred quid after all that time and money. Some tributes are better than the real thing- armed and ready UK are much better than the current UFO lineup

# Posted by Scottyboy Black Rose - 20/03/2013, 19:10 (GMT)

@Daz...I haven't seen armed and ready, so it's a bit unfair for me to comment, but that's a bold statement...Vinnie Moore is one of the greats (IMO) - assuming he's still playing with UFO that is??? Infact thinking about this comment it's not very well informed! Haha...oh well, I'll post it anyway!


# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 20/03/2013, 19:37 (GMT)

I meant as a band Scotty vinnie Moore is superb no doubt. However as a live experience aruk are strangers in the night era UFO vinnies playing can't hide the fact that the rest of UFO have lived the rock and roll lifestyle. Perhaps I should have said aruk give a more energetic and polished gig experience rather than better

# Posted by Scottyboy Black Rose - 20/03/2013, 19:43 (GMT)

Haha, like I said it's was a bit unfair of me to comment having not seen them...must make a point of doing so though...that live album is up there with my favourites!


# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 20/03/2013, 20:10 (GMT)

They are very good mate and Phil's schenker is pretty much on the money I agree that album is a classic

# Posted by Dresden North End - 20/03/2013, 20:38 (GMT)

I often wondered why tribute bands were playin the same boozers as us mere mortals and gettin paid more. Then I realised that really talented originals bands were playin anywhere for a beer and some petrol money . I think it comes down to if you can charge a load of money to play, then yer probably gonna. I ve payed at the moses gate a few times, but £7 seemed like a lot to see covers bands.


# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 20/03/2013, 21:01 (GMT)

My band Mama got the following comment on our Facebook page about the gig last week

Just keep doing what you do.....we all have our Genesis memories but you give us new ones....:-)

One of the nicest things anyone has ever said about us and sums up why people spend their hard earned cash to come and see us.

Best wishes


# Posted by Daz (scopyons) - 20/03/2013, 21:24 (GMT)

Tributes are expensive to run if you want to be authentic and we have people that drive from London to see us. If your a tribute it needs to get away with it with the fanatics

# Posted by 45s - 20/03/2013, 22:20 (GMT)

Seen Aussie Floyd a few years ago at Bolton Town Hall Theatre. Paid about £20 if I remember correctly and thought it was value for money - just.

Seen Mama twice (@ less than half the price) and thought it was absolutely value for money. (wipes shit from nose), lol.

What I'm trying to say is. To pay £45 now for Aussie Floyd versus £8/12 to see Mama is taking the piss, imho. AF are good but not that fucking good. I enjoyed Pulse better (twice) anyway.


# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 21/03/2013, 00:38 (GMT)

@Carillion Video - Yes I know about that date and the one at Bromley Cross but I am gigging on both nights.

@John - Thanks for the link, unfortunately I can't find it......

@GaryGBs - In Darwen there are (at a guess) around 100 musicians but I can name the musicians who regularly go out watching and supporting other bands on one hand I'm afraid. There are more on NWB but I have often wondered why so many musicians are simply not interested. Therefore I believe that your observation could be stretched to live music in general.

# Posted by si. cooper - 21/03/2013, 12:31 (GMT)

seen australian pink floyed a number of time, and excellent. the show they put on is amazing and have a full band of upto 10 musicians. the one and only dave gilmore booked them to play at a function of his a while ago, also made the comment f you wanna see floyed this is the nearist you will get, as for the price, it can be a bit steep but as for a tribute band they are one of the best i have seen . i think value for money as the show is really good

# Posted by Kevin Maca lead guitarist - 22/03/2013, 22:58 (GMT)

Brit floyds first show last year at the echo arena was only a tenner, and that was a full production.

Just sayin like :-)


# Posted by Kevin Maca lead guitarist - 22/03/2013, 23:07 (GMT)

I should also mention that everytime i put on the kirkby suite gigs (PINK FLOYDISH), we only charged a fiver, then went up to 6.50. And for that, we used 3 of the lazers tht roger waters used in his uk tour, we had full on pyrotechnics ie fireworks, explosions, 7ft flames comin out the stage, projectered screen films. I could go on, my point is.......we proved how much other bigger tribute bands where rippin people off.


# Posted by Kevo - Roadhog - 23/03/2013, 09:20 (GMT)

1.just paid £26 to see Rumours of Fleetwood Mac.
2. That's about my limit......in fact having seen them 3 times ....excellent though they are....I think that's my last time, surely there's only so many times you can be entertained watching the same songs?

But there seems to be no end to the people that want to see Pink Floyd tributes, so ticket cost is dependant on how big the market is for the show. Aussie PF are the biggest tribute act in the world and I reckon Brit Floyd lost a lot of money trying to undercut them!

Best wishes

# Posted by Rock Hard - 23/03/2013, 13:36 (GMT)

Can we discuss Shakespeare or Beethoven tribute acts ;-)

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 23/03/2013, 14:27 (GMT)

@Rock Hard - ah....that old chestnut! lol.

Of course, all orchestras are tributes.

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