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broke leads

hi all 1st time blogwot do you do with snapped-broken leads


# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 29/11/2012, 20:53 (GMT)

I throw them away, straight away, there and then, in the venues bin if need be. They're like pens that don't work, we all have them and they piss us off again and again.

oh, and welcome

# Posted by pyramid27 - 29/11/2012, 21:05 (GMT)

thanks , yeah ive bin told that but i cant do it, i spose the aswer is buy decent leads.

# Posted by egbert - 29/11/2012, 21:23 (GMT)

I tend to swap them with the guitarist's whilst they're not looking...


# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 29/11/2012, 21:39 (GMT)

Guy has just changed my life with that revelation :)

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 29/11/2012, 22:02 (GMT)

If its just a solder issue at the plug end I fix them.

# Posted by Alyerpal - 29/11/2012, 22:06 (GMT)

Like my boss sez - get 'em fixed. Just make sure you know which they are until you've had them done!

Keith has saved us a fortune in new leads just by knowing how to trace problems and fix them.


PS - Thanks boss

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 29/11/2012, 22:15 (GMT)

they usually head back to a box in the unit i have marked 'cable sick bay' where they sit until i need to butcher something. i used to solder them and still hypothetically do but its more a theory than practice. most engineers now say that it's more expensive to repair them (in time at hours rate) than to bin them. i have some great vintage mics that don't have xlr ends and i haven't even got around to soldering their imperfect ends. so that's the long way around saying put them in the bin. actually even budget cables don't die that often if handled reasonably. I have it on my list to teach Mrs Sound to solder but that hasn't happend yet either.
Just a note worth mentioning - everyone handles mic and speaker leads but only a guitarist or bass player handles his own guitar lead so never spend on a cheap lead for those - a good noisless/low loss cable is worth it's weight in gold. i have a lead from when i was playing bass 23 years ago - it's still in service now. mind you i haven't changed my bass strings since 1992 either.

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 29/11/2012, 22:19 (GMT)

like my "nearly was my boss but that's another story" says, get em fixed, BUT, if your honest with yourself and you know your not going to get round to it BIN 'em, straight away, don't put them back in the lead box/bag.

At the end of the day, how often do leads go down ? nowhere near as much as you think, it's just when they do it's usually at an important moment in time.

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 29/11/2012, 22:20 (GMT)

Has it got Wylex plugs on it Howard? Lol

@trusty employee Al, your welcome mate, I enjoy it!

# Posted by Tex's bassbitch - 29/11/2012, 22:21 (GMT)

" i haven't changed my bass strings since 1992 either" Howard and I were obviously seperated at birth.

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 29/11/2012, 22:36 (GMT)

lol Keith. i only wish i had not sold my Orange Rigs - worth a fortune now and only went on funding more nappies for little ones who now knick my gear!
i should also say that a cable tester is a decent investment, especially for a band with a bigger set up. I STILL test cables periodically even if i don't suspect an issue just because we do lots of big shows with time being tight - it's worth spending the 15 minutes when you have it (we have a stupid number of cables) rather than 5 minutes when you don't.
If you are big enough to be working with other peoples multicores or other people plugging into your multicore who profess 'it's not my cable guv it's your multicore' then a rat sniffer and sender set is a god send.
i imported mine a year ago and still not sure they are available here but if your a gadget geek or the above strikes a chord well worth checking out. paid for itself on its first outing for me when i was able to show someone else that my gear was sound and the problem was at their end. paid for itself again this summer when i looked at an 'in house multicore' tested 24 channels (while laid in situ) in less than 4 minutes and determined one in four channels were dodgy, so made my own provision. i got an early model though and the sniffer end needs replacing. still - an amazing tool.

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 29/11/2012, 22:44 (GMT)

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 29/11/2012, 22:49 (GMT)

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 29/11/2012, 23:23 (GMT)

that's the one Keith - invented by legendary sound engineer Dave Rat in response to problems he had with multicores at festivals with the chilli peppers. the sniffer/sender set means you can have your xlr cable laid in situ and don't need both ends together. one end is just a phantom power generator, press the button and the other end will light accordingly.
for the cable 'in your hand' the 30 quid one you linked if absolutely fine. if you don't need one or two of the options you can get them even cheaper than that.
the above link isn't the one i have in my box but it's remarkably similar. it helps in several ways - imagine you are out of town and without anyone you can scrounge off (i always recommend carrying spares mind you and do myself) you can test the cable to see if it IS the source of your problem and you can identify the actual fault for a faster repair.

# Posted by Scottyboy Black Rose - 30/11/2012, 12:23 (GMT)

I can't really talk coz I use wireless, and they're notoriously a pain in the ass, but buy decent cables! My whole thought is this...you have lets say a 2 grand plus guitar, and maybe a 1500 puind head, and lets say 800 quid cabinet... You use a 5 pound speaker cable for head to cab and a 15 quid cable guitar to amp? Are you insane??? Just my two penneth, and yes I do use wireless, but all my cables in my rack and also my speaker cables are of the highest quality, and if i'm ever not using my wireless, again, I have a real high quality cable (which always sits on top of my head at gigs, just incase!)


# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 30/11/2012, 15:32 (GMT)

great advice Scotty - i think folk can over indulge on posh cable but good decent quality cable pays for itself with a musician's own gear. re wireless, many a sound engineer will say that the most expensive wireless mic in the world is almost as good as a 10 quid mic cable.

# Posted by Roj (Black Rose) - 30/11/2012, 16:31 (GMT)

Always stick with high quality speaker leads, cheap leads are just not worth arsing about with.

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