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Do you ever wonder when you chat on t'tinterweb

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Posted By : egbert | Comments : 8

if anyones actually listening?

The link http://squizzercrow.org takes you to the nascent website for my alter-ego/side project. Intended for those who have requested access for review purposes for the next 2 weeks it will allow full streaming, albeit at a lower quality, the 4 songs off my EP which is being released on the 30th July. So I guess this is a sneak preview for NWBers ;-)

If anyone bothers going there I hope you enjoy it as much as the folk who have played it over 4000 times on reverbnation in the past 5 weeks. Its certainly different...


# Posted by Alyerpal - 15/07/2012, 21:56 (GMT)

After my last post on a track where I critcised the mix and got ripped to shreds, I wasn't going to comment, but I think the mix is spot on! (Now everyone is going to say the vocals are too loud / not loud enough / there aren't any / are you deaf Al?!)

Really not my normal cup o' char, but I really liked 'u like that'. The beat and melody was insistent in a way that reminds me of something (early Cure?), but I can't put my finger on what.

I did find 'silly bubu' and 'god is on the case' a little repetitive, but maybe only because I listened to them back to back and, as I said, I wouldn't normally listen to this genre.

'bear in the wood' I like alot - but is it only supposed to be 53 secs long? I thought the beat variation was excellent (but then again, I am a drummer!).

Good stuff Guy....


# Posted by VANKWISH - 15/07/2012, 22:07 (GMT)

Yea, pineapple sounds great.

# Posted by egbert - 15/07/2012, 22:57 (GMT)

wow, thanks Al, really good of you to take the time not only to listen but to comment - much appreciated! 53 seconds fixed, I'm not very good at this web site building stuff :-)

# Posted by Poundstone - 15/07/2012, 23:42 (GMT)

It is a really good ep, totally original in every sense, but (crucially) not sacrificing melody. Will defo be promoting in future shows!


# Posted by Synthy Mike - 16/07/2012, 08:46 (GMT)

It's cool, reminds me of a cross between mid 90s Fall and Section 25. Awesome!

# Posted by egbert - 16/07/2012, 10:20 (GMT)

Thanks Mike for listening and commenting - much appreciated.

# Posted by me - 16/07/2012, 15:57 (GMT)

it insulted my ears. Nothing more

# Posted by egbert - 16/07/2012, 16:28 (GMT)

# Posted by me - 16/07/2012, 15:57 (GMT)
it insulted my ears. Nothing more

Result, I'll add that comment to the publicity page :-)

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