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Best Of Foo - The Avenue 19/05

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Posted By : The Alchemists | Comments : 8


Hello Everyone

I managed to catch these guys last nite, Ive gotta say I really enjoyed it, been a Foos fan for donkeys years, went down to MK Bowl last year to watch Dave and the boys and Best of Foo certainly do capture the energy of the real thing.

There were a few string tuning issues at the beginning but all dealt with faultlessly and a power outage later on, equally dealt with professionally.

Billys banter with the crowd was excellent and they even got a guest singer up to sing Smells Like Teen Spirit by a lad who I can only describe as a 'plastic chav', he knew every word but looked like Mike Skinner off of 'The Streets'.

Over all, it was a brill nite and I can highly recommend Best of Foo, even if your not a foos fan you'll enjoy these guys.

Well done boys, Hope to catch you again.
Cheers Ian


# Posted by Gary Bill - bass - 20/05/2012, 18:29 (GMT)

Cheers Ian,

thanks or the nice comments, gotta say we really enjoyed it.

Really good venue and we hope to be back soon.

Gary aka billy lol

# Posted by HINDLEY ARMS (Shelley@Iain) - 20/05/2012, 19:13 (GMT)

The plastic chav is 1 of our nice local firemen lol no what about his dancing girl ?

yes great gig guys hope to book another in soon x

# Posted by Stataz Quo - 20/05/2012, 20:17 (GMT)

Aye , was a good gig , agree on the tuning issues , but it happens to us all at times but the guys are really into their Foo,s and all of em great guys to with the brief banter we had between sets .

if i oonly have 1 word of advice ,its first and fourmost is to get that PA sorted out for the vocals ,it needs to be bang on tuneed 100% optimum for the lead guy . inc the monitor to and never put the speakers behind the mikes, Space can allways be a factor I know , but there was room last night .

keep on rocking Guys

# Posted by calloutlee - 20/05/2012, 20:39 (GMT)

I might as well throw in my tuppence worth here then. Really enjoyed the gig last night. Some very good musicians at work let down slightly by technical issues , such as those already mentioned. Might be worthwhile putting more into the soundcheck next time. What I enjoyed most was the fact that they were having fun and it showed . I do like that in a band. Shame there weren't more people in as these guys deserve a bigger audience. Hope to see you guys again soonish. Oh and nice to meet some people off the site at last :)

# Posted by Gary Bill - bass - 20/05/2012, 20:57 (GMT)

Thanks for all tour comments, i think we didnt much soundcheck as we were fixin my guitar, but we usually are good for the sound. Im the most critical but i cant check my vox while im playing and singing lol. But its somethin of a learing curve lol

was great meeting some new ppl, even enzo our stalker pmsl.

Hope to catch you soon!!!!!


@ shelley- the diaries open........

# Posted by HINDLEY ARMS (Shelley@Iain) - 20/05/2012, 21:02 (GMT)

Yes we think the football did affect the crowd but hey great band good time had by all support from some new Nwb members met Callout , kiss , & cornered

The sound check was short Due to me and Chris trying to fix a guitar all those years as a kid playing operation payed off will put video up later and trig not everyone deaf like you x x

# Posted by The Alchemists - 20/05/2012, 21:19 (GMT)

My term 'plastic chav' only meant hes hiding his inner 'Rocker', so hes a local hero, I feel .........awkward.......... lol

Agreed on the footy thing sort of swaying focus from the band to the game occasionally.

# Posted by Gary Bill - bass - 20/05/2012, 21:40 (GMT)

Yeah but what timing for the pens....quality

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