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Posted By : Viva la Coldplay | Comments : 6

Some helpful info for you..

We had a gig booked in Harrogate and when I spoke to the manager he mentioned that they use these for payment. Basically you either get paid before OR a day after the gig. Obviously alarm bells are ringing here!

Anyway weeks go by and he phoned me asking if Event UK had been in touch (they hadn't) so he asked me to call them as something wasn't right.

To cut a long story short, they emailed me with an artist registration form and with the gig being a week away they also emailed me an invoice for me to fill out, which I did and returned the same day.

We actually got the cash paid directly into the bank the morning before the gig which was a relief.

So to sum up what I'm saying.. If you have a gig booked and it's with these guys, SEND AN INVOICE AT LEAST A WEEK BEFORE THE GIG AND YOU WILL GET PAID THE SAME DAY IF NOT BEFORE.

Hope that helps!



# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 13/04/2012, 12:25 (GMT)

Good info Shaun, thanks, never used them personally

# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 13/04/2012, 12:27 (GMT)

Hi Shaun.

Did they take a fee for this???

Or did you get the full fee agreed with the venue?

Best wishes


# Posted by Viva la Coldplay - 13/04/2012, 12:42 (GMT)

Hi John. No we got the full agreed fee mate. No agency fees/VAT whatsoever..

The only reason I posted was because I saw a few threads on here regarding them. Wasn't too bad really to be honest.


# Posted by John Wilkinson: - 13/04/2012, 13:24 (GMT)

Nice one Shaun.

Just hate seeing any band get "ripped off"

Best wishes


# Posted by Viva la Coldplay - 13/04/2012, 22:40 (GMT)

Been there and sadly been through that mate :/

# Posted by thudder - 15/04/2012, 14:03 (GMT)

Money paid into a named bank account will just lead the taxman straight to a band or band member who will have to sort out the tax affairs. Of course, we all declare our band earnings don't we....?
If no pick up don't forget to take money with you for diesel to get you home.

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