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Whatever at the pineapple.

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Posted By : Ace (Red Zoo) | Comments : 5

Quick review

Went to see my old band Whatever at the pineapple on Saturday with Hulkamania also the ex singer in Whatever.

I am not going to blow smoke up anyone's arse but the guys were on top form.
The sound of the drums and bass were set up perfect with one another and the guitars and vocals cut through perfectly.

Ben was on form as usual, great frontman and Asa effortlessly driving the band with a nice big sound
And some nice backing vocals.

Mark say no more on Bass, and Ian on guitar had a lovely sound from an amp older than me. ;0)
The guys played songs we had done in the band before but had a fair few new one's too. Everlong being one of the faves for me.

Its a shame the guys are calling it quits I think they have one or two gigs left,so get to see the second best indie,pop rock band after Red Zoo before its too late. ;0)



# Posted by Asa - 27/03/2012, 07:48 (GMT)

Cheers Aiden. Very kind words.

It was really good to see yourself and Chris. Can't wait to see Red Zoo in action :o)

All the best

# Posted by Ace (Red Zoo) - 27/03/2012, 10:09 (GMT)

No probs Asa, credit where it's due. We all really enjoyed it.


# Posted by BigE - 27/03/2012, 20:26 (GMT)

What do you mean "second best" you cheeky sod? Haha See you soon, Big E

# Posted by hulkamania78 - 28/03/2012, 10:24 (GMT)

Second that Aid. The band were excellent. Weird from the other side but had a good time.
Ben was spot on doing some of the stuff I sang with more justice.

Excellent even Asa kept time.........x

# Posted by Ace (Red Zoo) - 29/03/2012, 16:40 (GMT)

And now you have ruined it Chris going over the top, Asa and timing, all the credibility of this
Review has gone. ;0)

Did you like that Ian. Lol.

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