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An electric drum kit!?

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Posted By : Wangies | Comments : 5

I'll certainly give it a go...

Just as we get our selfs a better kit and a double kick all ready for tonight Tom (Mr Jam night) turns up with an electric drum kit, looks cool, sounds cool, but still not 100% sure i love it!? What do you think?

We will have both kits down tonight and your more than welcome to give them both a good bashing.



# Posted by Markk (Vankwish) - 26/03/2012, 20:19 (GMT)

Its very weird I can tell you, I played a charity gig on Sunday with total eclipse, on stage was my kit and stix' electronic kit, I had a quick dabble (as you do lol) and its strange to get used to the feel. Stix' alesis kit, top notch top of the range and sounds awsome in the mix, has lots of trix, if I had the spare cash to have the same would I have one? Yes I would, would I gig it? I really cant say

# Posted by Tubthumper - 26/03/2012, 20:23 (GMT)

I have an electronic kit (a well regarded Yamaha model) and it's good for practising on, handy for teaching on but I'd never ever gig it. That said it wouldn't stop me going to a jam night (so long as it was a decent spec kit).

# Posted by STONEMAN - 26/03/2012, 21:36 (GMT)

played in a band some years back with a drummer using a top of the range electric kit,...sounded amazing...though it needs a very high quality P.A. and monitor system to get the disired sound, only then can comparisons really be made to an acoustic kit.

# Posted by Howard - Sound and Light Produ... - 26/03/2012, 23:22 (GMT)

Ian (stix) was playing elecronic kits (simmons) and hybrid kits way back in the 80's - a great way of getting that perfect kick drum sound - if i remember correctly he used half simmons, half acoustic when we played 100 club and he filled that place with a perfect drum sound. we hired a big PA for that gig and used our own little PA as his monitors

# Posted by Dean (Drummer) - 27/03/2012, 08:57 (GMT)

Posted by Tubthumper:
"it's good for practising on, handy for teaching on but I'd never ever gig it."
This. Unless I ever needed some live midi samples.

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