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2 and a half years and never a complaint about the noise....

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Posted By : Wangies | Comments : 2

...and then there was SIN AFTER SIN!!

Think i can speak for all the fellow Wangers when i say we all thorughly enjoyed last night, as for local residents I dont think they felt the same. It wasn't all thier fault, I'm tight and didn't want to turn the fans on in March, so I left all the doors and windows wide open...oops! Lesson learned, fans dusted down and Sin After Sin being rebooked.

Cheers to everyone for coming down, hopefully see you next weekend (Saturday - SKP, Sunday - ICON and Kyrbgrinder)

Claire x


# Posted by Charlie & Norma - 26/03/2012, 18:27 (GMT)

Yes Claire Sins don't go below 11 on their amps:-)

# Posted by SIN AFTER SIN - 26/03/2012, 18:48 (GMT)

Very funny C&N, we weren't actually on full belt last night so we were bemused when Claire told us at the end of the night, which we really enjoyed by the way. Nice to see a fair old smattering of the Oddies crew coming to see us make our Wangies debut (hopefully not to the detriment of our good friends from Rocking Horse's evening!)
Thanks to all and if Claire sticks to her promise we'll see ya soon...
The Sinners.

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