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Band Clash - Applications <--

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Posted By : The Press Room Wigan (formally Vanilla Lounge) | Comments : 8

hey guys for those who have pm'd asking

Here is the link for the page taking applications for 'Band Clash' 2012


its a cracking oppertunity for young/new bands with the winners playing on the mainstage in Wigan town centres 'Diamond Fest' Celebrations replacing Haigh Fest this year !!!!

as well as other prizes from our proud sponsors 'Rimmers Music' !!!

Good Luck



# Posted by Smitten Kitten - 26/03/2012, 11:59 (GMT)

Not sure that link is working, it's not taking me to the right page, could you PM me a link? Thanks, Sam

# Posted by The Press Room Wigan (formally... - 26/03/2012, 12:01 (GMT)

seems to be working fine for me Sam ...?
just go to www.facebook.com/thepressrooms and follow the links there :)

# Posted by Smitten Kitten - 26/03/2012, 12:06 (GMT)

Where am I looking? lol can't find anything about the band clash thing on your facebook page :S

# Posted by The Press Room Wigan (formally... - 26/03/2012, 12:37 (GMT)

its the first thing on the wall ??

# Posted by JCartysRoadie - 26/03/2012, 14:12 (GMT)

Could do to make the pressrooms facebook site open / public access, otherwise anyone who doesn't have a facebook account (like me) cant view anything.

# Posted by egbert - 26/03/2012, 14:32 (GMT)

Same here I'm afraid - btw was it you who was asking for folk to "mentor" bands? If so we did volunteer but I haven't heard anything back?

# Posted by Smitten Kitten - 26/03/2012, 14:37 (GMT)

Yeah, I've friend requested you but havn't been accepted yet, should set your profile to Public otherwise we can't see your posts. Sam

# Posted by The Press Room Wigan (formally... - 26/03/2012, 16:03 (GMT)

i will do this now guys wasnt aware :)

and @guy i will be messaging the people who have offered to mentor pm's this week arranging a session ....

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