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New UFO Album

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Posted By : Nick (Catch Afters) | Comments : 5

Anybody else heard it?

Purchased the new UFO album “Seven Deadly “ at the weekend prior to going to see them in Manchester on Friday. Now I love this band with a passion and have supported them since being a fledgling rock fan way back when. I respect them immensely for still touring and producing albums, but to be honest this is not one of their better efforts (In my opinion). Maybe I haven’t given it enough time to grow on me but I think your initial judgments are usually correct, some tracks are OK but none have made me think wow! Just wondering if it’s me or what dose anybody else think? However, that being said I will be bouncing round the Ritz on Friday listening to a band that for me produced some of the finest rock songs ever!
Anybody else going?


# Posted by Alyerpal - 26/03/2012, 11:02 (GMT)

They were a big part of my musical youth as well Nick - I saw them three times in (I think) 2 years in the late 70's / early '80's, once with the indomitable Mr Schenker!
I haven't heard the new album yet, but TBH I pretty much gave up on their new stuff after 'Walk On Water', 'Covenant' and 'Sharks. Although all three albums have some decent tracks on them, the band just don't seem to be able to find the hook lines anymore.
I didn't even know they were touring!
Bet you'll have a great night though.


# Posted by Catch Afters - 26/03/2012, 13:09 (GMT)

Dissagree Nick!
Me n' Baz have already learned 3 ef em so you'd better learn them words!

# Posted by Drummer Boy - 27/03/2012, 07:21 (GMT)

I'm not as big a fan as you, but I did catch them on the last tour.

I've got the new album, and it's not what I'd call classic UFO. It's much more bluesy than the usual rock/blues sound, and not better for it IMHO.

# Posted by Rock Hard - 27/03/2012, 14:47 (GMT)

UFO , loved em and in the 70s Schenker was on his own . They coulda/shoulda been real big . Went to gig in 79 and he's gone awol so Chapman was in . Shortly after went to catch him on Scorpions Lovedrive tour and again he disappeared and I saw Matthias . Saw him with UFO eventually 2000 at Apollo and he was out of it could hardly play . Not surprised tour was cancelled after that night . Still you gotta love him and recent gig footage shows he is on form .

You Are Here was quiet brilliant and Monkey Puzzle pretty good too . I find when all else fails , switch on 200wpc and get out vinyl Strangers In The Night . Job done .

# Posted by Manni ..DESOLATION ROW - 30/03/2012, 15:29 (GMT)

marmite syndrome - love em or hate em .
best live album ever though ( or at least in the top ten)

love hate relationship with em ....
hardly what id call UFO without Pete Way
but then again hardly UFO since the late 80`s

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