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Last night at The Gamull.Preston

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Posted By : The Drunk Monkeys | Comments : 2

The Rainmakers

Nothing positive to say about this place.
We had a great mix last night and played two great sets with no response from the powerdrinking regulars who then demanded several encores.
Fuck Them!


# Posted by Markk (Vankwish) - 25/03/2012, 23:13 (GMT)

lol - knowing gamull quite well - it wouldnt be a place id be looking to go and play

# Posted by Breezico. - 27/03/2012, 10:22 (GMT)

I used to play there with a trio about seven years ago; same vibe back then, real rough place.., they seemed to like us for some reason and the agent kept sending us there every few weeks because no other acts wanted to play there... Saw some massive fights there, we used to play on a Sunday night and then pack up as quick as we could and get out of there before it kicked off. One night our bass player nipped back in because he'd forgotten his fags; two minutes later he came running out with about 20 meatheads behind him. He had to jump in to the side door of the van as we were screaching away, it was like something out of The A-Team... ;op

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