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Absolutely Shocking!

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Posted By : Ross! | Comments : 7

Geek's Look Here!

This is Just amazing! Some people have too much spare time!



# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 21/03/2012, 22:58 (GMT)

Not sure exactly what all this about..... Please don't take time to explain in too much detail though.

# Posted by Ross! - 21/03/2012, 23:22 (GMT)

lol! Just some guy that took recording's of the lightning from Tesla Coils and sampled them onto a midi keyboard and played sweet home alabama. Its cool didya watch it?

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 21/03/2012, 23:55 (GMT)

Yes, it sounded worse than the original..... lol! I was actually hoping that the leaf which blew onto the picture halfway through would get struck by the lighning such was my enthusiasm after the first minute. ;-)

So he sampled both audio and visuals? Because the lightning was in time to the music on the video. ...Interesting.

# Posted by Steve Blease - 22/03/2012, 15:58 (GMT)

Whoever thought that up should stand piss wet naked in the middle of it with cooking foil wrapped around the gonadskis.

# Posted by Mr Cottonhouse - 23/03/2012, 15:15 (GMT)


# Posted by Time - 23/03/2012, 18:50 (GMT)

+1 for Steve. That is truly horrible

# Posted by THE STAN'S - 25/03/2012, 22:03 (GMT)

The mix doesn't sound right!!! LOL i can here some nice keys in background!!

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