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Can you be too clever

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Posted By : steviestardust | Comments : 5

i'm thinking so,

Said to my missus that a good name for an Elbow tribute would be "Arse"! But the bookings and punters wouldn't come.

A good example on here would be the band "One in ten", i love 'em, great band but avoided them for a while as i thought they were a UB40 trib, didn't get the Foo's "monkey wrench" reference. May just be me!


# Posted by Steve Blease - 20/03/2012, 16:02 (GMT)

I agree about the One in Ten band. I avoided them like the plaque 'cos I thought UB suck my balls 40. I have been told they are a good rock band so I'll have to catch them and just pretend they are called 3 'n' 6 or something. :)

# Posted by steviestardust - 20/03/2012, 16:24 (GMT)

"The Pretender" would have been a better name still on a foo fighter's theme!

# Posted by The New Soul Messengers - 20/03/2012, 21:01 (GMT)

So does this mean the Rozzers are not a 'Sting' tribute band !

# Posted by Bands/Venues - 21/03/2012, 01:00 (GMT)

I am only answering steviestardust's origional queston.. " can you be too clever?"

short answer....

yes if you're a man ..no if you are a woman.......

he he

love Ang XXX

# Posted by Manni ..DESOLATION ROW - 22/03/2012, 15:51 (GMT)

Caught by the fuzz - then doesnt matter if your a bloke or a woman then....
(sorry couldnt help it : )

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