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Posted By : Rusty Bullets | Comments : 5

Where do you expose yourself???

I've been dabbling with writing some of our own material... got a few ideas on the boil, but how do you original artists present your material? Are there websites that don't try and "own" the rights to your material if you put them up there? What's the pitfalls to watch out for....


# Posted by Breezico. - 20/03/2012, 13:09 (GMT)

Hi, I use ReverbNation.com and Songramp.com, both are good for promoting original stuff... ;o)

# Posted by NIGHT TRAIN - 20/03/2012, 13:11 (GMT)

"Where do I expose myself!???


# Posted by egbert - 20/03/2012, 13:30 (GMT)

Call me Diva have used just about every possible site out there. My personal faves at the moment are Reverbnation and soundcloud.

To give you an idea of the potential levels of exposure they offer is more difficult given that CMD have web site, facebook presence and every other type of site directing you there. Having said that I started putting my own stuff on both and have had an absolutely incredible number of "plays" (1800 on soundcloud in 6 weeks and near 400 on RN in 3) without anything to drive folk to the sites. Only problem is I've no idea who'd playing them!

In terms of pitfalls both are subject to a lot of, what amounts to, false flattery so people "fan" or "follow" you simply to get you to do the same back. Sometimes these people disappear when it becomes obvious you're not going to reciprocate, others hang around. The pitfall to avoid here is not to get obsessed with the "chart" and your position in it ;-)

# Posted by Guitarist Andy (Formerly of Th... - 20/03/2012, 17:12 (GMT)

I hear that bandcamp.com is pretty good as well as the ones mentioned above. You can upload your music to stream or to sell at whatever price you want. And they don't try to claim the rights to your music either.
Hope this is useful.
Andy :)

# Posted by Mark L - 20/03/2012, 18:15 (GMT)

Soundclick and Soundcloud

I may be on Reverbnation as well. Haven't checked that for a while

I'm a forumite at a few musicians' discussion forums and links to my songs are in my sigs. That's got me a lot of plays and comments :)

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