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@the hindley arms

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the hindley arms would like to thank mick nash

thanks mick for a good night last night was a good night andy & sue


# Posted by Tubthumper - 19/03/2012, 16:02 (GMT)

Mick is a real top notch act - I heard the landlord of the Whalley Arms raving about him a couple of weeks ago, his regulars love Mick, he said it's always a very popular night when he's on there.

I'm coming over to the Hindley to film Dose on April 1st and looking forward to meeting you both then. My own band Reload are playing the week after.

# Posted by spam95 - 19/03/2012, 16:26 (GMT)

Micks a goodun! He works hard and chooses the most unusual tunes to play.

and he does it all live.....!!!

Chris (Easy Street)

# Posted by TEX & THE HARDCORE TROUBAD... - 19/03/2012, 16:38 (GMT)

Genuine nice guy is Mick, you ain't gonna go far wrong with him stagefront !!!

# Posted by MICK NASH - 19/03/2012, 16:50 (GMT)

Thanks guys, I enjoyed last night as I always do at the Hindley Arms.Looking forward to coming back later in the year.

# Posted by zz-none - 19/03/2012, 20:13 (GMT)

yea he is good at what he does just a shame we couldnt have him playing longer. his music choice is good.

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