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Black Iris at Wangies

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Awesome Band, Awesome Pub!!!

Although synth pop is unquestionably the greatest genre of music in the history of the universe, occasionally I will venture out from behind my wall of Moogs, Prophets and Jupiters and check out some different bands. Tonight was one of those nights and I went to see a metal band from down south called Black Iris. Having befriended their bassist on holiday last summer with other half, we'd promised to pay them a visit in concert should they ever come north of Birmingham and tonight they were in Eccles as part of a warm-up to a UK tour in April. What an awesome band they are too! Tighter than Arnie's ass-crack they performed a lightning speed set of original metal, nodding to the past greats and the current vogues. Smashing band and I'm sure great things will be in store for the lads... Check them out if you're into your metal, you won't be disappointed:

And another mention for Wangies, what a great pub that is. Wish my local was that cool! Shame I was giving my liver a rest after a particularly horrendous session on a works do this weekend, a few jagerbombs would've been the perfect accompanyment to the evening!

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