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Website Updated and looking pretty good

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Posted By : Mutha Humbucker | Comments : 6

Thanks to Chris Rennieshaw

Nice new photos uploaded and a couple of alright videos. Gigs page updated and all good to go for the rest of the year


# Posted by Jez - 19/01/2012, 14:38 (GMT)

very nice indeed!

# Posted by Mutha Humbucker - 19/01/2012, 15:13 (GMT)

Cheers Jez ... hows the new project coming on must be hard getting somthing going on from scratch

# Posted by Jez - 19/01/2012, 15:38 (GMT)

just 2 guitarists getting a setlist together at the moment! Figured it was best way long term, then whoever comes in knows the hymn sheet - and if nobody comes in, that's life!!! lol

# Posted by egbert - 19/01/2012, 17:10 (GMT)

Don't want to seem negative but I'm afraid that on my iPad and the iPhone it just brings up a message saying I need to download flash - which won't happen as they don't support flash.

# Posted by Keith (RED ZOO) - 19/01/2012, 20:13 (GMT)

Yep same here, disadvantage of the ipad but i suppose both are the future, pity was looking forward to havin a decko

# Posted by Mutha Humbucker - 30/01/2012, 14:56 (GMT)

Just read these and yep thats the only down fall of WIX (Flash player supported) and Apple they have issues Try through your laptop

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